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6 Ways To Tell Your Car Is Junk

The simplest definition of a junk car is one that you don’t want anymore. Well, a junk car is more than that. There are various ways to define a junk car than you have heard of. All in all, a junk car is one that has probably reached its useful life because of natural or other man made factors. Perhaps you contributed significantly to turning your prized car into junk. Luckily, this article has 6 ways to tell your car is junk.


Have you been driving your car for a while now? If it begins giving you trouble on the road, it might be proof that it has reached its peak. The level at which a car gets old depends on the state at the time of buying. If you bought a new car, it’s likely to give you more years before it becomes aged. Second hand cars usually don’t last as long as new cars. This is because, by the time you bought it, some of its vital parts might have reached their peak.


Does your car have some missing or broken parts? Then,  it qualifies to be junk. A vehicle with missing parts has no value to you and more parts continue breaking down with time. Perhaps you got involved in an accident and the broken parts are very expensive. Alternatively, the missing parts might be very hard to find in the auto shops. This car is bound to remain unused in your yard and it’s definitely junk.



Do you have that vehicle that you have kept on your yard without using for some time? Well, you have your reasons why but it makes your car to become junk. Perhaps you just bought a newer model and have no use for the old one. Since you do not intend to use that car ever again, the best idea would be to get some quick cash from it. Ensure to find pick up cars for cash professionals to come over and give you spot cash for this unwanted vehicle. These will pick your vehicle regardless of make, brand, or model at no towing fee.

Low value

Some circumstances might make your car to lose value. These might include too many broken parts and getting involved in a fatal accident. A car wreck has no value apart from scrap. This is because the accident might have left most of its vital parts damaged. Additionally, the car body ends up disfigured as well. Trying to fix such a car would be a waste of time. A wonderful idea is to dispose it off as scrap to a junk car removal agency.

Costly repairs

Some cars are very expensive to maintain. These include exclusive models and vintage cars. It’s a wonderful idea to own a car that no one else has. However, you will find a hard time finding spare parts for such a vehicle. There’s also a possibility of failing to find qualified mechanic for such models in Perth. In such a case, you are likely to leave that car unused for a long time. As times goes, nothing will stop you from calling your once prized car a piece of junk.

Missing paperwork

Owning a car in Australia comes with relevant documents to prove ownership. These documents include driving license, car registration, and proof of purchase forms. Perhaps you lost your documents and never tried to get replacements. In other circumstances, you might receive a car as a gift but you fail to request for its documents. You’re likely to find a hard time on the road and it might make you park the car. After some time without use, your car will become just a piece of junk.

If you have a car that meets any of these criteria, then it’s probably a junk vehicle. This doesn’t mean that your car has no use. You can call a reliable junk removal company to give you spot cash for your vehicle.

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