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5 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Agora Can Do

Agora is a communication tool that features new and unique communication features. Agora can be used to make voice and video calls. It can also be used to broadcast yourself to large audiences around the world. It can be installed and used with games to integrate communication during online sessions and during mobile gameplay. Agora is a Greek word for a meeting area for arts and markets. At its core, Agora means a social meeting and this software takes the definition to heart.

Benefits of Agora

Agora came into the communication market with the idea of sticking out. In some ways, they have unique options for users to subscribe to their program. A few of these ways can help customers in the long run rather than focus so much on the upfront aspects of the program. Some of these ways include; no upfront costs, easy integration, and it’s cross-platform.

Voice and Video Calling

Agora supports single use calls and group calls. This program keeps it simple where it needs to keep it simple, as it’s a communication app at heart. The biggest change that Agora brings to the table is video calling. In typical applications that include video chat, the customization will be restricted to a few options. Agora takes the customization of the UI to a whole new level for a video calling program. Some of these customizations include filters, facial recognition, face swap, and a translation option.


Agora claims that it gives the user the ultimate control. This is a large statement to live up to, but it succeeds. Some of its broadcasting perks include:

  • Network monitoring
  • Flexible latency options
  • Recording options during broadcasts
  • Supports CDN Websites

Agora reinvents the mobile broadcasting scene. It has integrated control that leaves the control in the user’s hands.

Agora in Gaming

One of Agora’s unique draws is that it can be used in connection with developer’s video games. Under the gaming section of Agora’s website, there are different options for different types of games. Agora has an option for social and casual games in which the settings for communication are more appropriate to the level of gameplay that comes from this genre of game. As an example, because this genre of game is focused on the social aspect of gaming, Agora integrated an unlimited number of participants in this mode.

Agora on Mobile Gaming

Agora added something to gaming on the go that many have attempted in the past. Mobile gaming is just now reaching the point of becoming more like standard gaming and has recently become able to obtain online services and online communication. Agora is on the front lines of mobile online game communication. It has optimized latency so you can customize it based on your game. It’s also designed to reduce the strain of online gaming has on your battery.

Not only is Agora a very user-friendly application but it also has a user-friendly setup. The setup is very simple as they have everything documented in their Agora Quick Start Guide. If you’re in the market for a great application that handles online communication and mobile gaming communication optimization, look no further than Agora.

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