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5 Awesome Customized Accessories You Need To Buy Right Away

The world of customized accessories is huge and it’s impossible to know everything that’s out there. While you may be aware of the basic customizable things there are also really cool and unique items out there just waiting to be customized and taken him with you today. You just need to know what they are and where to find them. 

Customized products aren’t just a fun collector’s item, they also make great gifts for special occasions like weddings. Nothing shows a couple you put a lot of thought into their present like getting something customized so it’s specifically only for them. What a great way to show your support for a newlywed couple, right?

So when you’re thinking about buying customized accessories you can go with the traditional or you can think outside of the box. If you want to have fun while shopping for those custom accessories you’re going to go with the option to think outside the box and get some really cool items. Here are five awesome customized accessories you need to buy right away.

1. Completely Customized Shampoo

Do you have unruly hair that doesn’t seem to respond to any hair care routine on the market? It might be time to up your game and go for custom shampoo and conditioner made specifically for you. A brand called Function of Beauty delivers exactly that, and right to your doorstep to boot. 

You can take a basic quiz to tell them what your hair problem areas are and they’ll create a formula specifically for you. If you have frizzy hair, they have a formula for that. Straight, fine hair that feels limp? There’s a formula for that too. Any hair problem you can name is a problem they’ve considered. 

You even get to choose the fragrance, color and name you want for the shampoo/conditioner too. It might be a little more spendy than your average large retailer’s shampoo but for a bespoke shampoo and conditioner that tames even the worst of your hair problems, it’s probably worth it.

2. Customized Cookie Cutters

This is a more wild option for custom products but could lend for some fun times in the kitchen. Christmas cookies may never be the same again once you start cutting out cookies that look just like your siblings or parents. You can find custom cookie cutters that use a picture of a loved one and make a cookie cutter that resembles the picture.

Then the fun is all in your hands. You roll out the dough and get to work. You can give the cookie cutters as a present before you test them out, or give them to the recipient after handing them a plate of cookies shaped exactly like them. Just keep in mind these won’t be photocopy perfect because the cookies will spread out as they cook.

3. A Customized Birthday Book

This one is actually really cool, especially if you have a sentimental friend to find a birthday present for. Uncommon Goods specializes in helping you find the craziest and most unique gifts out there but one of the best ones they may have come up with is their customized birthday book. 

Just give them the birthday of the person you’re buying the book for and they’ll create an entire book of headlines from the New York Times for that day. You can go back quite a few years but the cost increases each time you include more pages in the book. 

It would be a great option for someone who loves history and their birthday. You could also just get this book for yourself out of sheer curiosity. Who doesn’t want to know what was going on in the news on their birthday in years past? The book itself is pretty high quality and if you give it as a gift, you know they’ll never find another gift like this again.

4. Customized Engraved Knitting Needles

Knitting needles haven’t changed much since their inception. They’re just kind of a basic tool you use to make beautiful crafts. But that’s all changing now because you can order engraved knitting needles to give to the knitters in your life. (Or just keep them for yourself because they’re pretty cool, right?)

You can get the needles engraved with basic things like someone’s name, or with funny quotes or even small emoji-like pictures. Your imagination is the only limit here. The engravable needles are wooden and made to last so this particular customizable present isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon. 

5. That Customized Star Mug From “The Office”

Remember when Kelly gave everyone a mug with their picture on it and a star behind their picture? You can order that custom mug for yourself or as a gift now too. (Or both, because let’s face it, everyone wants that mug.) There are several places to order the custom star mug so it’s not too hard to hunt down.

You can order them with the cast members’ faces on them if you really want to but the bigger appeal is the chance to add your own face to a piece of history from a beloved TV show. Yes, there are plenty of other cool customized mugs out there but this one is unique because it’s a mug from a show most people loved, and everyone remembers this episode.


Buying a customized item is supposed to be a fun experience. Sure, you can find the same things in the store that aren’t customized but that’s not as interesting. Customized items make great gifts for things like weddings and birthdays. 

They show how much you really care and the effort you went to just to make sure the person getting the gift got something no one else will be able to give them. There are a lot of cool ways to customize gifts and items for yourself too so keep your eyes peeled and enjoy some really unique things you’ll be able to buy.

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