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4 Android Security Apps You Need to Know About

Smartphones are vulnerable to security breaches just like computers are. Because of the open nature of Android’s code and the multiple options for app stores, Android devices are sometimes susceptible to malware and viruses. Don’t be afraid of downloading apps to your Android device, though! Some stellar antivirus and security apps are available for free that will scan your phone, remove malicious software, and protect you from future threats.

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

The Mobile Security and Antivirus app by Avast Software is a free app offering in-app purchases. It’s one of the most popular security offerings in the Google Play store, and has an extremely high rating. The app acts as an antivirus program and as security against vulnerable Wi-Fi connections. It’ll scan the websites you’re accessing and let you know about threats. You can download this app to Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6. Plus you get the assurance that this app will funcation at peak performance with the S6’s Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system and 4G LTE capabilities.

Along with discovering and removing malicious software, Avast also offers app permissions so you know what each of your downloaded apps can access on your phone. App locking allows you to assign a PIN number to any of your apps, so nobody but you can access them. It also offers call blocking, so you can prevent any unwanted sources from contacting you.

360 Security – Antivirus Boost

The free 360 Security app is both an antivirus program and a phone speed booster. Along with the antivirus scans and malware protection, 360 Security also scans your phone for junk files, memory space, and apps running in the background. It uses the data it collects to optimize your battery’s power and to free up RAM space so your phone runs faster.

People love 360 Security because of its anti-theft options, too. If you lose your phone, log into your account via their website on your tablet or laptop to start an alarm on your phone, lock it, erase all the data, or locate it. Use the feature to discover that your phone is lodged between the couch cushions, or that it’s long gone and needs to be wiped clean.

Signal Private Messenger

Not all your security worries center around malware and viruses infecting your device. You’re also interested in keeping your conversations private. Text messaging is, unfortunately, not a very secure platform when it comes to protecting what you say and who you’re talking to. That’s why downloading an app like free Signal Private Messenger is such a good idea.

Signal Private Messenger uses the contact info you already have stored on your phone to create private, encrypted text and voice conversations. The Signal Private Messenger servers do not have access to your data; you and the people you’re talking to are the only ones who can see the conversation. Chat with one person, or create groups of your friends, family, or business contacts without fear of your messages being breached or hacked.

AVL Pro Antivirus and Security

For straight malware protection, check out AVL Pro. Some of the other antivirus and security apps offer a long list of features, including things like identity protection, that you may not want or need. AVL Pro is a free app offering lots of malware protection and security information, targeted to keep your phone safe and give you insight into the process.

With AVL Pro, you’ll get notifications when an app you’re trying to download is classified as a threat. AVL also lets you know what level of threat that app presents. It’ll also give you a rundown of the data contained in each app. It offers a Plug-In feature, which allows you to put together the AVL Pro app that best suits your security needs.

Even the savviest Android users can’t always predict which apps are malicious or which websites present a threat. These antivirus and security apps offer you the security options you desire. Protecting your online life takes a little bit of work, but downloading antivirus apps, secure messaging, and other defensive measures is a great step towards better device safety and smarter online living.

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