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3D Design Software: What Is It and Why Should You Use It?

There was a time when a draftsman would need to sit at a table, laboriously drawing up 3D representations of any product or structure, and that was one of the most time-consuming tasks in product development. Now, we have software that accomplishes the very same thing, often with more precision and in much less time. No matter what you are designing, unless it’s in two dimensions, you can use 3D design software to make a ‘model’ of the product you are designing. Let’s take a closer look at this kind of CAD software, along with some of the reasons why you should use it.

From the Inside Out

Quite often you think of product design as that finished product when you open a package. However, 3D design starts on the interior and of necessity, works its way outward. Take, for example, a printed circuit board. When assembled, that board isn’t going to remain two-dimensional. There may be stacks of components or wires soldered to the board, which will project outward from a flat surface, creating a three-dimensional PCB. A product designer/developer would use PCB design software to design the interior of the housing as well as the case itself. The ‘why’ of using this kind of design software is self-evident in this case. You are using it to ensure that all interior parts, starting with the PCB, fit nicely into the case.

Modelling During Product Development

Now then, one of the most important reasons why you would use 3D design software is, believe it or not, funding. Sometimes, it’s even too costly to develop a prototype, so you would create a computer generated or printed 3D model to ‘pitch’ to prospective financiers or investors. Yes, you need that 3D representation in every step along the way of product development, but even the best products cannot get off the ground if there is no money to produce them! Never forget that funding is technically the foundation of your business.

Perfecting the User Experience

Another benefit of 3D modelling is that product designers are better able to get a look at user experience long before a product leaves the R&D. This is especially critical in electronics because it helps to visualize what that product will be or can do before it’s pieced together. In other words, it’s a way of bringing creative ideas to life.

Cutting Costs

Did you know that 3D modelling is also a huge part of the motion picture industry? Now, 3D design software enables graphic artists to design sets that actually don’t exist! Not only will this speed up production so that the entire cast and crew don’t need to relocate to other places, but it cuts production costs significantly. Actually, almost any industry can realise huge savings in production through the use of 3D design software and again, it all boils down to money.

With 3D design software and 3D modelling, you can get the money you need to produce your products and when in production you can save a significant amount of money as well. The bottom line? 3D design software increases profitability exponentially and that is why it’s so much in use today.

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