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Best 5 Streaming Websites to Watch Movies on Xbox One for Free

Xbox happens to be a very versatile console. It can be used to play games, but it can also be used for other multimedia purposes. For example, you can use the Xbox to watch movies in better quality. The internet connection function of the Xbox makes it quite easy for people to use it for other reasons like watching movies. 

Free Movies Websites for Xbox One

There are many websites available for use that offer movie watching services for free. In this list we will talk about some of the best free movies websites for Xbox One and the Xbox.

Popcorn Flix

The first website that comes among the list of free movies websites for Xbox One is Popcorn Flix. Popcorn Flix is one of those websites that you are likely to find on the store in the algorithms of the Xbox. There are many different movies available on this website. 

What you have to do is go to the home screen of your Xbox and go in to the store. 

After which, you will find the search bar and type popcorn flix into the search bar. It is easier to use this site because of the way it is designed. 

The site also offers many different movies and tv shows that you can watch with ease for free. It is one of the best sites to use for your Xbox because of the layout. Likewise, this is one of the best free movie websites for Xbox One.


Next, we have Vimeo. Now, Vimeo is kind of shady as compared to the other websites, because of the way it functions. It can be rather irregular and the movies on it may not be complete at times. However, it is one of the best sites to watch free movies without worrying about much else. 

Vimeo is similar to YouTube in the sense that it has many different kinds of videos apart from the usual full-length movies and tv shows. You may be able to do both with website if you figure out how to use it correctly. 

However, the way that this site is making money is through ads and such. But, if you want, you could always use the membership to the site. The membership is free of charge and does not require you to enter any specific information about yourself that you want to keep private.


This is another site similar to, which allows people to watch movies and tv shows for free. There is no payment involved and you won’t have to pay for anything. Most of the money that this site will make is off of the ads that it will put up on the page. 

However, the good thing about this website is that it comes with limited ads. You won’t have to deal with the constant disruption of ads during your media.

Thereby, it is a decent website.

The site is also very punctual in terms of its uploads. By this, we mean that the site will put up any movie or tv show, just a little while after it will be released. It is a common practice with sites like these and Vudu is no different.


This is a lesser-known website and it isn’t as common amongst the masses, but it is still a decent website to watch movies and such without worrying about them burning a hole in your pocket. It is an excellently formulated streaming website that allows its users to watch content. 

The layout of the website is very similar to that of a regular streaming website. This is another one of those websites which you do not have to sign up on in order to stream the content. Most of the content on it is free and it’s uploaded in a timely manner. 

For you to use it on the Xbox, all you have to do is go to the Xbox store and then search for the app in the search bar. What you will do next is download the app and sign up. Then start watching whatever you want to your heart’s content.


Finally, we have Flixtor on this list. These is quite well known with the Xbox community because of how easy it is to use the website. Flixtor is one of the easiest ways to watch free movies on your Xbox. You do not even have to install it in your Xbox. 

All you have to do is go onto the search bar and search for the website. After which, you will have access to it and you will be able to watch as many movies as you might want. It works smoothly and the layout is user-friendly. 

It is one of the best free movie websites for Xbox One.


This is not the exhaustive list of sites that you can use to watch content on your Xbox One. However, these are some of the best sites available to the public if they want to watch content for free and without going through the hassle of watching ads before everything. 

Most of the sites are those which you can run without having to install anything and just have to search for to use. However, if all else fails, you can always have YouTube as a source of free movies websites for Xbox One which you can use to stream random videos.

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