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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence

One of the most enduring sci-fi tropes in media involves artificial intelligence becoming so advanced that it grows self-aware, and in doing so proceeds to either kill off or enslave humanity. While this trope has certainly given rise to many entertaining movies and books, there’s been little proof that this scenario can happen in real life anytime soon.

Sadly, even if AI solutions are seeing various applications in more and more industries, the pervasive fear of AI remains. And this is not just the irrational fear of future robot invasions or uprisings, but also in real life matters such as job security and privacy.

To help eliminate or at least assuage this fear, here are some pertinent reasons why we shouldn’t be afraid of the artificial intelligence solutions that are being implemented nowadays.

Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used to Combat Crime

We’re not talking about AI-powered robots patrolling the streets in order to keep the peace just like we see in dystopian fiction. Rather, we’re talking about how artificial intelligence solutions can help prevent the kinds of crime that usually takes a lot of research and analysis in order to detect and prevent. These include fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, inside trading, and other similar crimes.

Artificial intelligence can help investigators and law enforcement personnel analyze huge databanks more efficiently and quickly. Just like how big businesses are using AI to find solutions to their workflow problems by sifting through their data storage, financial institutions can use AI solutions to find suspicious activity happening in the accounts of their customers, or if their own employees are exhibiting suspect online behavior, which could point to fraud or money laundering.

For example, an AI solution can help a bank isolate an account that has been consistently funneling money to political hot spots, or to another account that has been linked to suspicious activity. This may be enough to warrant a formal investigation, which could lead to the detection and prevention of the financial crime.

Artificial Intelligence Helps Us Devote Time and Energy to More Important Tasks

One of the most popular applications for artificial intelligence today is to analyze a huge amount of information in a relatively short time. We’re not just talking about a few gigabytes’ worth of information, but rather huge volumes that fill up datacenters and servers. Big companies and enterprises are applying AI solutions for such a taskin order to find solutions to their problems, such as figuring out the most common customer complaints or developing a more streamlined workflow. Even the medical industry is using artificial intelligence solutions in order to figure out the best, individualized care for their patients.

If these companies have their employees analyze all that information, it would not only take them weeks – or possibly even years – of round-the-clock work, it would take them away from their more important and business-critical duties. This results in a lot of productive hours and potential business growth lost.

Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than It Takes Away

Much has been said about how artificial intelligence will take our jobs away. While it’s true that AI solutions can make menial and repetitive jobs a thing of the past, we have to consider that the same has been said with the invention of automated machines and factories. Instead of completely eliminating the need for human labor, those very same technological breakthroughs ushered in an industrial revolution that created more jobs than it removed – jobs that didn’t even exist beforehand.

Many business leaders and experts believe that the proliferation and integration of AI in today’s industries will cause the same phenomenon. In fact, it’s already happening. One good example is in the cyber security industry. Many cyber security firms have begun to adopt techniques powered by artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, in order to detect new malware and other cyber-threats. According to non-profit information security group ISACA, there will be bigger need for cyber security experts who are well-versed in AI technologies come 2019. This and many other job opportunities will inevitably crop up once AI has been more widely accepted.


Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool, indeed. However, we must remember that it is just that: a tool. It is still up to the wielder – which in this case is humankind – what purpose it will serve and what kind of role it will fill in our lives. We are, ultimately, in control. As such, there is no need to fear artificial intelligence.

By using AI effectively and leveraging its unique capabilities in many industries, we can usher in a new revolution where both our job security and quality of life will be adequately taken care of.

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