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What You Need to Know Before Hiring Digital Agencies

Digital marketing has amazing numbers behind it. Did you know that, on average, for every dollar spent on email marketing there is a $44 return on investment? Or that simply by having a small product video sales can jump up to 144%?

The power of digital marketing is proven now the task is to pick through all of the digital agencies to find the best of the best. You do that can you can have yourself a piece of these numbers! Find out what to look for, right here.

Get to Know Yourself

Before searching for a digital agency to pair with, you need to understand yourself. You need to have a clear picture of your organization and what you intend to do with it. There are three major elements to discuss and they are;

Determine Your Needs and Goals

Have you recently started your business and are looking to make your presence known? With the need to drive new traffic to your site in an “organic” way.

Or you are an established brand but are looking to start a new campaign. You need help with generating stronger leads. Is your conversion rate where you want it to be?

Understanding Your Market

Looking at your competitors and how you rank, compared, provides strategic information. You will see where you are succeeding but even more important, where you fall short.

Using this information your competitors have done some of the leg work for you!

How Big is Your Budget

It was only a matter of time until that, never loved, part of the game came into play. The budget will be much easier to manage and determine after taking a step back. Look over your goals, review your market, and decide what matters most.

Only with a defined budget will an agency be able to tell you if they can meet your goals with the resources they have.

Making the Right Choice

Now that you have a clear plan, understanding of your market, and a well-defined budget you can begin the search for a digital marketing firm. To make the right choice sure to touch on these key areas.

Level of Experience

Of course, you want an agency that knows what it is doing and can do it well. But even better is one that has experience in your specific field. If possible look for those teams. Or if you find a strong candidate, ask if they have worked with any organization similar.

Run your goals by them, ask if what level of success they have had with these sorts of campaigns, have them give a bit of insight into that.

Tools and Metrics

Measuring data and proper reporting of that data is essential. When pairing with an agency it is important to note what tools are being utilized for these needs.

Every marketing goal has proper tools to both achieve the need and record the results.

For example, email campaigns have MailChimp where SEO optimization has SEMRush.

Big Picture Approach

There are many aspects to a successful digital marketing campaign. Driving traffic to a webpage is only a small part of a successful campaign. At face value, a person may consider that a win but there is more to it.

A successful digital marketing campaign generates both visits and revenue.

Don’t Be Afraid to Put on the Pressure

This doesn’t mean to be off-putting. This is your business, your money, and you are looking for the best return on your investment. You have the right to ask as many questions as you feel comfortable with.

You have the right to quiz each agency on any of their operating practices. This step will provide strong insight into the claims of the agency and their experience.

A confident team will be more than happy to walk you through their processes and workflow.

Campaign for Success With The Best Digital Agencies

You have your plan, you know what to look for, now the only thing that is stopping you from having the successful campaign you were hoping for is you! Get started and stick to your plan with these tips in your back pocket.

For more about anything digital and tech-related, be sure to stop by the blog and check out all the content ready for consumption.

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