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Watches Singapore types – What you need to look for while choosing?

Time is a critical aspect of our social lives, and the traditional pocket-watches dominated the scene as late as the 1900s. But as the technology evolved and the pace of living became exponentially fast, trends changed, and pocket watches evolved with a sportier and edgier look.

The earliest usage of the wristwatches can be dated as back as the First World War since carrying a pocket watch during a war isn’t really logical. As wristwatches evolved, these have become more of a style statement and a trendy piece of fashion accessory that also tells the time accurately than ever before.

If you are looking for a new watch or want to gift a loved one, there are several considerations that you need to keep in mind, especially about the type of watches available. So, when you are looking for watches Singapore, here are all the trendy types listed as follows.

The Analog

The analog watch is all about simplicity with oodles of style. You have a miniature clock face with 12 hours, and the digits can be conventional or roman. Keep in mind that if you are dressing traditionally, then the classic analog watches are the perfect match. Quartz watches are usually in this type but some brands have explored others too. As reported by James Hampton-Smith on https://www.spotthewatch.com/citizen-chronomaster-b900-61e, “brands like Citizen and Seiko remain at the forefront of cutting-edge quartz technology. But both companies are renowned for their expertise in the field of GPS and radio-controlled wristwatches too.

The automatic type

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the automatic watch, which keeps working without having to wind the internal machinery. This variation works on the stored energy and therefore is a hassle-free option for high-functioning professionals. Even with the added equipment for energy storage and continuous usage, automatic watches are quite lightweight and sporty to make it a choice for regular usage.

The digital iteration

The digital wristwatch is quite similar to the analog except for the second, minutes, and the hours are denoted by digits on an electronic dial. The digital watch is a popular choice for youngsters and college-goers.

The diving watch

Apropos to the name – the diving watch is designed to perform excellently well underwater. Most of the standard watches work fine at a 30-50m depth of water, but the diving watch is designed to operate at depths exceeding 200m. This means it is perfect for a professional swimmer/diver.

The Chronograph

A chronograph is the most popular option out there. Everyone is opting for one today, and putting perspective to this fancy term, it merely means a “stopwatch.” The Chronograph is a combination of all the features mentioned previously on this list and makes for some of the most sporty and expensive watches in the market today. There are several bells and whistles with alarm features, luminous dials and backlight, stopwatch, and even a compass. These watches come in handy during sporting features and other events where precise timekeeping is of paramount importance.

So, before you make your purchase, all you need to do is research the options out there in the market. Understand the type that suits your personality and dressing style to make the purchase compliment your look. Additionally, when purchasing online, look for discounts, and offers to save a few bucks.


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