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Top Accessories to Enhance Your Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are designed for heavy-duty work. They are specifically constructed to handle the toughest tasks its owner can throw at it. They can be used for a range of towing and hauling needs, from commercial construction jobs to smaller-scale home improvement projects and everything in between. With the rugged nature of the work a pickup is subjected to, wear and tear are inevitable. However, there are accessories that can help mitigate the damage from wear and tear and can also protect against other threats, like harsh weather or cargo theft. Here are the best accessories to enhance your pickup truck.

Tonneau Covers

A tonneau cover (aka truck bed cover) is an excellent investment for any pickup truck owner which is why you see them on the backs of so many pickup trucks out on the road. Custom-fit tonneaus protect your truck bed’s cargo from snow, rain, and harmful ultraviolet sun rays. Additionally, they are a barrier that protects against theft of your belongings. Pickup truck owners will frequently have expensive tools and other equipment stored in their vehicle’s bed, making them a target for thieves. Many truck bed covers are fully secure with a locking tailgate and this makes it nearly theft-proof.

Floor Mats

Sometimes standard OE floor mats are simply not up to the job when it comes to preserving your truck’s interior flooring. With outdoor work, you can sometimes be working in mud, sleet, and snow, and this muck can be brought back into your vehicle on your boots. Rock salts that get stuck in the bottoms of boots are another source of damage to a truck’s floors. When your vehicle sustains this type of damage, it can hurt its resale value. However, custom-fit floor mats are a great way to protect more of your vehicle’s flooring. Floor liners from brands like Smartliner, Husky, and Weathertech often have additional protection courtesy of outer edges which are raised to trap stains and spills within.

Seat Covers

Another part of your vehicle’s interior that can be easily damaged is its upholstery. Dust, sweat, dirt, leaky paint cans, and spilled drinks are just a few of the things that can damage your vehicle’s seats while on a work assignment. One way to avoid this kind of damage is to invest in a set of custom, form-fitting seat covers. Custom seat covers are designed to fit the seats of your specific make and model of vehicle. These seat covers fit snugly around the contours of your vehicle’s seats and come in various styles from neoprene to leatherette.

Nerf Bars and Running Boards

The fact that pickup trucks sit so high off the ground means that, if you have to make multiple stops in your work day, you can quickly become tired getting into and out of your vehicle. Custom-fit running boards and nerf bars make the step up into your truck much easier. This leaves you with the energy you need to accomplish the tasks of the day. Nerf bars and running boards also protect against dings from other vehicles’ doors in parking lots and from flying rocks that get kicked up on the road. They also provide your truck with a stylish, heavy-duty look.

Bull Bars and Grille Guards

While running boards and nerf bars provide protection for the sides of your truck, bull bars and grille guards protect your truck’s front-end. If a large animal, like a deer, happens to leap out in front of your vehicle, a bull bar or grille guard will help your truck’s front stay intact. They also provide additional protection against vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. This additional protection will provide you with peace of mind while traveling in hazardous conditions and allow you to focus on your daily work.

Adding accessories to your truck not only improves the look and feel of the vehicle, but maintains your vehicle’s resale value and protects your cargo. The initial expense of these accessories is often worth it in the long run, because the benefits are a longer-lasting, more stylish truck that is more useful. They also provide peace of mind which is invaluable when dealing with the daily stress of work.

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