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Top 7 Reasons that a Small Business Should Start Using VoIP Telecommunication

Gone are the days when business communication was limited to the hardwired landline numbers. Today, communications happen over the cloud. Even the business phone numbers from cNumber and other service providers are remotely accessible simplifying end-to-end interaction. This is one reason why organizations are fast adopting the voip reseller business telephony and making them their common channel for communication. 

In case you are a fresh startup working to build your business from scratch or an age-old company seeking ways to rewind their business communication, it’s time that you thought about having a VoIP phone number for your business. 

Making a decision here would be tough and if you find yourself in the crosshairs of having a dedicated VoIP service, here we have outlined a few factors for your reference.

7 Reasons Every SMB Must Have a VoIP Phone Number

For the uninitiated, VoIP telephony isn’t something similar to your existing phone service. While the existing ones would be a landline telephone wired to the office desktop, VoIP is a cloud-based solution enabling calls over the IP network.

To help you understand why a VoIP telephony is important, we have outlined seven benefits of the same. 

1.Ensures Business Continuity

Imagine a customer trying to connect with your customer executive team but fails to do so. Why? Because last night a fire broke out in the office and all your devices stand unavailable for the moment. 

On the other hand, picture a customer calling 0113 number you purchased from cNumber as a virtual number. This time the device logged in for the cloud services would receive the call and adhere to the customer issues. Even though your office building is not in the working condition, you can still keep tabs on your customer requests and work without interruption.

This is what a VoIP telephony does for you.

  1. Facilitate Remote Communication

Being a cloud-based solution, VoIP telephony facilitates remote connection and at all hours of the day. Unlike the traditional telephony that requires you to be present in the office near the telephone, VoIP numbers can be accessed from any device that has a steady internet connection. It could either be a laptop or a mobile, etc. 

  1. Is Cost-effective 

Communicating with clients from across the world would cost you a fortune if you make calls with the landline phones. VoIP telecommunication is cheaper and practically inexpensive. These come with subscription-based services where you need to pay the monthly lease amount. Once done, you can place calls without having to pay any additional money.

  1. Allows Scalability

Business needs never stay the same. They would either grow or fall but will never be steady. It might so happen that in the future, the needs of your business grow and you would want to extend your VoIP services. In such a case, it is important that your service providers offer you the flesh to do the same. Now, this wouldn’t be possible if you stick to the basic telephone services. 

  1. Improved Customer Experience 

With VoIP comes hordes of services. Each of these is designed to improve the end-user experience. One that lays tremendous influence is the ability to send voicemail. At times, it might happen that no executives are available to take the call. The VoIP service will allow customers to leave a voicemail and the email transcript is shared with the executive for a speedy response. 

Its automated response feature improves the customer experience further. Embed voice agents to take over the calls as they enter the communication lines. These agents are fed with an automated response system where they ask questions to the customers and based on the response given, the call is then transferred to the right agent. 

  1. Greater Productivity

Another fascinating feature offered by VoIP phones is teleconferencing. Connect with teams across the globe, interact, and do a lot more with the VoIP phone number. These increases work quality-boosting overall productivity. 

  1. Better Call Quality

Connecting with your clients and customers overseas, network quality suffers to a great extent. VoIP telecommunication promises better audio quality improving the communication between you and your customers.


VoIP telephony is not just a channel for communication but a whole new way of operating your business. No matter what type of business you run, VoIP services are ideal for all. So, when you decide to start calling 0113 number or whichever is good for your business, opt for cNumber VoIP and business number services.

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