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Top 5 Reasons Professional Email Templates Could Help You Win Business Success

Get ready to grab success in business by reaching customers through professional email templates.

What are these professional email templates, and does it really make a difference?

A professional email template is preformatted or pre-written that you can use to present your content or message to your customers/ consumers. It makes your written communication crisp and saves time.

The statistics below give you to glimpse about the worldwide traffic and the increasing number of email users globally.

**Table 1: Worldwide Daily Email Traffic (B), 2018-2022

In 2018 you will see that close to 280 billion emails were exchanged per day globally. It has been forecasted that this number is expected to grow to 330 billion per day at a rate of 4.3% year on year.

**Table 2: Worldwide Email User Forecast (M), 2018-2022

The world email users are expected to grow from 3823 million in 2018 to a staggering 4258 million users in 2022. For you, the above data simply means 3 things

  • More customers/consumers depend upon emails for communications.
  • An average customer/ consumer receives a string of emails in the mailbox per day.
  • Your competition will be using emails as a preferred means of communication.

The above data includes consumer as well as business emails. More and more marketers are choosing emails as a preferred mode of communication. The count of promotional emails that your customer is receiving on a daily basis has gone up.

So why is it important for you to opt for a professional email template? These are the 5 reasons that will strengthen your belief in opting for a professional email template.

Reason#1- The need to stand out from the crowd:

Email communication can be a powerful tool for you to create competitive differentiation in the mind of the customers/consumers. Any contact that you will have via an email, messages or face to face interaction will create the moment of truth. At this moment, your customer draws a comparison between you and the competition. A professionally written, crisp email is free of Jargons and helps you to communicate and deliver superior value. You can easily meet this goal once you start relying on Professionals to draw out the email templates for you.

Reason #2- The need for being cost-effective and fresh:

Communication is the key to marketing. If you intend to win markets, it is imperative to create, communicate and deliver superior value to the end consumer. Whether it is a new business or repeat business, you cannot overlook the need for communication. You will need an elaborate plan to communicate with your customers. You can either deploy internal resources or outsource the same to external vendors. Email marketing companies are deft in designing, executing, and managing communication for a variety of clients from different sectors and domains. They have better insight into what works and what not and also forces them to experiment with the content. Hence relying on the expertise of an email marketing agency takes away your need for hiring resources internally and ensures the chances of a better response. You can hire them on a work basis.

Reason#3- Visual impact ensures better retention:

To ensure you remain amongst the top 3 brands in the mind of the customer/consumer when he makes a purchase decision, you must position yourself rightly. To have a better recall, the visual element plays an important role. Insertions of images, logos, sketches ensure better retention and recall. It also helps you to keep your communication in line with your brand image. With an email marketing company, you can achieve this by sending them your PSD, XI, JPEG sketch or Invision file and they will convert the same into a responsive email template in no time.

Reason#4 – Engage customers and gain eyeball share:

There is a shift that is seen in the way customers are accessing internet services, including emails today. An increasing number of customers are accessing the net via personal hand-held devices like tabs and mobile phones. Customers access the internet on the go and in different network conditions. They are using devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. To ensure a powerful impact across devices, you will have to ensure the following:

  1. The messages are aesthetically pleasing.
  2. The images inserted are not creating compatibility issues in terms of a message leading time.
  3. The displayed message is free of broken lines and is correct in terms of the fonts displayed.

A message that is designed ignoring the above can impact the viewer experience negatively, and you can lose eyeball share. If the message is not aesthetic and takes a long time to load on the screen of the customers, they tend to lose interest and move away from it. A professionally designed email template takes into consideration this aspect and ensures a smooth viewing experience.

Reason#5- Catering to a short timeline:

In highly competitive scenarios, you have a pressing need to design, execute, and change your communication to your customers/consumers. Most of the time, you will have a thin timeline for execution. You need templates that are easy to edit and are clean and error-free on the inside. The professionally designed email templates are easy to edit and customize. A well-managed email marketing company ensures that the templates designed are easy to edit. They are also experienced in delivering email templates overnight if needed. If you are running a business that poses such a situation of short timeliness, then getting a professional email template is the solution that you need.

Things that you should check:

Professional email templates are the need of the hour if you want to ensure to reach out your target audience and engage them. It does not end at designing the template. You will also have to ensure that the templates used are compatible with the various email clients in the market. The customer/consumer today use from a plethora of email clients providing services in the market. The customer preferences change with user experience, the place they reside and ease of navigation. A professional email template is designed keeping this in mind.

A good email marketing company will ensure that the designed template is compatible with most of the email clients. This is essential to increase reach and ensure desired output from any campaign. Like in other forms of marketing, it is recommended to have a keen eye on the return you get out of the investment. A professional email template takes care of this expectation. Companies providing professional email templates also have an element of after-sales support.

There are situations where you must make the changes post-delivery also. This task is frustrating and time taking, and you do not want to waste time in executing the changes. An email marketing company providing you with email design templates can be your choice if you are looking for a strong after-sales experience.


Reaching your target audience over the email and maintaining a constant reach is imperative today. A crisp meaningful communication ensures new business as well as repeat business from your existing business. Each communication is an opportunity that you have to project yourself as a reliable brand. It is also an opportunity for you to strengthen your bond with the existing customers.

The cost of getting a new customer is always higher than doing the business with existing customers. Hence it is imperative that you do not lose money in a badly executed communication program. With the choice between doing everything internally and outsourcing it to professionals is the decision you must take. Both have their pros and cons. When the professionals do it for you, it ensures

  • Reliability in execution.
  • Effectivity and efficiency in execution.
  • Flexibility in communication
  • Peace of mind.

**Source www.radicati.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Email-Statistics-Report-2018-2022-Executive-Summary.pdf

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