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Top 10 image to text software online

In 2020, do you know technology is even growing? To anticipate the borders or limitation where a person can lead to using such technological sphere is impossible, as IT experts are busy discovering and inventing on each day.

Thus, in such conditions, people cannot bear the pains which they had to tolerate a decade ago. Hence, to soothe pleasure for your eyes, various images to text software online are available which you can use to convert image to text.

Top 10 image to text software

We have several years of experience in IT and online tools. We always search for such tools, which are free to use as our visitors could get facilitation, and save their money. There are 10 “image to text converters” which are very useful, and save your time from goggling on the screen of your laptop/computer. The following are the online tools which take text from the images for you.


Ocroconvert is reliable software which helps your office work get done easily. Many official use this tool online for making the works keep on going swiftly without investing much efforts and time to read images that involves a great trouble for eyes. Thus, Ocroconvert is a good tool for this type of conversion.


Do you know that students in different colleges and universities have to perform various types of task like writing thesis, assignments, and research papers? This involves a research work from different online sources as well.

In such difficult conditions, how can students write thousands of words without having a definite text? It is impossible to do such huge tasks reading from images. ConvertImageToText online tool is a good one to help in such tasks.


Prepostseo is a great tool which exists since last some years. In no time, it has grown and got a great homage from different types of professional. Whether students or teachers, doctors or engineers, or physicists and chemists, all professionals use prepostseo for its different features available online.

Prepostseo image to text converter is a good and free online tool, which helps in converting the image text into readable text that is very helpful in doing office works. Many students also prefer Prepostseo for plagiarism checking, paraphrasing, and other educational purposes.


In 2020, there are many tools for a single purpose but the 10 tools mentioned here can help a lot in the conversion of image text into readable or editable text.

In this case, Ocr.Space is also a great tool for doing this type of work. It is sometimes low tool to work and load completely yet it is much beneficial for using it free.


Myfreeocr is also an image to text converter. It helps teachers a lot. Every teacher has to check the assignments of students. In assignment writing, the students are asked to include some relevant images into text. These images have text on them as well. It means a teacher has to read the text on image at least of 100 students per class.

It is not possible without losing one’s eyesight. Hence, Myfreeocr is the best for doing this work of converting a hundred images in the editable text form so that a teacher can read, and provide grades accurately to the students.


Developertoolkits has several benefits for different types of persons. In development or website creation, it is necessary to go through the text available on the different images. Thus, Developertoolkits tool can add value to the work. Also, the search engines use such tools on the back to analyze images available on the website or a blog.


Many people have to conduct survey based on the guidelines of organization. They conduct different data, and send it in such formats which are equivalent to the images. You may also know different formats of adding text to wallpaper. Thus, Addtext is able to convert image text into editable text for free.


I2ocr is an important tool as well because of its reliability and long hour workability. It has helped many people taste the fruit and uses of this tool. Many officials of different industries use this online free tool instead of wasting half of the working hours in just understanding the text written on the images. Thus, one can use this tool as well for converting image to text.


ImageToText is an old tool, which creates easiness for different professionals. There are many websites which use images instead of editable text. They have all information available using info-graphics which a human being cannot remember in one go. Thus, ImageToText helps in converting the image information into editable text which can also be used after some time or even some days.


In 2020, there is a huge upsurge in the list of content writers who are creating different types of material or text on a daily basis. This process also includes research and study from different available sources. Writers have to study online and offline as well.

They come across different materials which they have to save in editable text form, or make it usable in MS word so that later on, it can be edited more for the clarity of thought. In this case, it becomes very mandatory to convert image information in text as soon as possible. For this purpose, Text-Extract can be used without any cost. It helps in suitable write-up generation converting the image.

Convert image to text

There are manifold offices of different companies where there is a need to change all formats of information into an editable text which helps ahead for the office work completion. Hence, above mentioned tools are very essential to use for making your boss over the moon.

Students, teachers, and writers are also greatly attached to these tools. Students go for Prepostseo very frequently as it has been designed keeping educational and academic needs in view. Students should use this instead others to save time checking plagiarism, paraphrasing the content, and using other free features as well.

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