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Top 8 Video Editors that Startups can Utilize to Stand Out in the Crowd

Contemporary businesses are wanting to divert more and more attention to video-based content. As more startups are finding their roots in the commercial ecosystem, they are beginning to realize, first-hand, the effectiveness of video content. 

As a result of this, most startups invest in video-based marketing amongst other marketing channels. As video-based content becomes popular, so has the need to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

Due to this rising need of the hour, most companies and especially startups, turn their heads to search for more economic and powerful video editing tools. Therefore, the following tools and software can prove to be highly influential for startups and businesses in general. 

SDC Free Video Editor

This video editing software is a complete and wholesome free software that can create beautiful videos. The powerful and versatile interface of the software allows users to access various objects and effects.

The software is extremely simple and pleasant to practice for beginners due to its drag-and-drop interface and easy instructions. It can prove to be overwhelmingly informative for beginners who won’t be able to process all the information all at once.

Pinnacle Studio

It is one of the best software in the industry that is capable of great performance and provides a wide variety of editing feature options. Pinnacle studio has advanced features apart from the simple editing option available today in most software solutions.

The UI has a convenient drag and drop interface, allowing Intuitive access to user audio-video snippets. It is a completely professional grade with its variety of functionalities and great capacity. The toolset of this software is created to cater to the beginners and novice crowds.

Additionally, users can also capture and import files from several sources and incorporate mind-blowing unique effects such as stop-motion and 360-degree editing.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one of the best video editing software solutions currently available in the market. It has two versions of which the free version can be easily used by beginners who want to get a basic understanding of the video editing nuances. In contrast, the paid version is for professionals with higher skill and competency levels. 

Its robust features allow editing, calibration, and audio post-production. All these features are integrated into one very powerful professional-level software solution. The software boasts of a wide array of advanced features such as dedicated colorimetry and post-production. These features enable the user to edit, mix, and finally produce high-quality videos.


iMovie is one of the top-rated software used primarily by Mac users as a great starting point. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. The features are not tedious and overwhelming; instead, they come off as extremely interesting and fun. It has all the right features to make an engaging and presentable quality video, albeit at a moderate professional level. 

Users can create 4K resolution quality video clips, trailers, and movies on this platform very easily and efficiently. Its notable quality in respect to multimedia editing is the ease of connectivity and sharing. Due to Apple’s intra-device compatibility, users can create their projects on tablets and phones and easily move it to their Mac PCs without any problem.

For the special effects enthusiasts, the software also supports a green-screen feature allowing room for more editing.


This is regarded as a complete and wholesome free video editing software accessible to beginners and novices. This linear editing tool is accessible on various platforms. software is so simplistic and intuitive that it makes encoding videos seem easy enough to a beginner.

It can support several video formats that can be cherry-picked by the user based on his discretion. Apart from many video processing features, the program at its disposal can perform a task based on many codecs.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This video editing software is extremely popular and is used by many professionals from diverse industries. It is widely acclaimed as one of the best software in its genre, and many professionals regard it as a “must-have.” Professionals especially use it for classic video editing and excellent post-production shoots. 

It is powerful enough to process your video streams and is packed with an entire range of advanced level tools and features. The software is used popularly by the television studios because of the non-linear editing tool. 

This non-linear editing tool is especially noteworthy, considering direct access through a video acquisition source. The software is extremely responsive and stable for you to use several professional features it has to offer.

Final Cut Pro X

It is one of the standard software used on Mac Os X. the software is a post-production and video editing standard acquired by Apple in 1998. This software enables users of varying experience levels to use their features comfortably. 

This uniformity and ease of access to its functionality make it highly popular with beginners and professionals alike.  With a constant update instituted now and then, this software becomes richer and more innovative with each update. 

Its features now support 360-degree video clips in HDR quality, 3D effects, and many more multi-camera selections. The distinguished stability and powerful features equally complement its easy-to-use interface and good editing tools.

Avid Media Composer

This is one of the top software programs in the industry today. It is widely used in the professional film industry and stands out as the best due to its many features. 

It offers the latest and simplified menu. This menu is a more intuitive feature than previous versions because of the wide selection of categories it offers. The only disadvantage is the expensive cost of the software. 

The costs stand justified due to advanced top-of-the-line features focusing on audio. All in all, it is one of the highest grades of quality software available in the market today.


Ultimately, the choice of video editing software must not be made on the number of features. Instead, check this video editing software that best serves your needs and wants in a budget-friendly manner is the right way to go. Put to test your creativity skills with pocket friendly softwares which will make you stand out of the crowd.

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