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This is How These Brands are Creating Disruptive Advertising Even Today

Brands since time immemorial have been looking for ways to create unique engagements with the customers. Advertising is more than just capturing the attention of the people. It is more about creating a need and leveraging your brand.

In times like today, advertisers have shifted more to personal appeal (targeted ads, YouTube ads, etc) against mass appeal (digital signage, newspapers, etc) because of social media, smartphones, target marketing, etc. 

But brands never shy away from creating advertisements that push the envelope and take everyone by shock.

Disruptive Advertising is creating an experience that has never been thought of before. Advertisements just like other forms of business are often found stuck in a type. Take for example the ads for cars, the ads for fast food joints, the ads for clothing, etc. 

You know a car and the moment you see the first few seconds. Disruptive advertising is about taking those preconceived notions about a certain brand and changing it altogether.

Disruptive advertising has been successful over the years changing the images of products. Who would have thought a cola brand would change the way people drink water or a technology brand would change the way people listen to music. 

They have changed the way people perceive a product and their effects have been much more than anyone would have imagined. So what separates normal advertising from disruptive advertising?

1)      Novelty: Disruptive advertising is able to shape a completely new identity for a brand offering the same solution but to a whole new problem that customers didn’t know existed.

2)      Curiosity: Disruptive marketing is always able to spark curiosity among the customers by using newer and newer marketing avenues

3)      Relatable: New doesn’t mean something out of the world! In fact, disruptive advertising has proved to be more relatable as they have proposed solutions in ways that are unique and never thought of before.

4)      Experimental: Disruptive advertising has never taken the path that was walked before. They have always chosen to break the stereotypes.

With that said, there have been some popular avenues that have been explored by brands over the years and are pretty popular even today. Let us look at how it has helped them shape their brands over the years.

1)      Digital Signage

Digital signage is any form of electronic digital display. Digital signage uses technology such as LCD, LED, Projections, kiosks, etc. It is mostly found in public places such as hotels, bus stops, metros, events, etc. They are managed centrally via the cloud.

Digital signage has been one of the most successful avenues when it comes to disruptive advertising.

McDonald’s over the years has successfully used all forms of marketing to its favor. But its most recent avenue, ordering kiosks has truly pushed the envelope for many other fast food joints.

You can explore the menu, place your order, even pay without waiting in line.

2)      Hoardings and Posters

Hoardings, banners, posters, etc have been used as a way of sparking curiosity among the customers. They are mostly vinyl printed, large in size, and displayed in public spaces. 

The most unique thing about hoardings and posters is that they use graphic and eye-catching images and convey messages in less than five lines.


Pond’s has always been a mass and drugstore brand. They have always managed to catch the public eye by staying relevant and offering solutions to common problems.

Take a look at this brilliant ad by ponds. In less than 2 lines and a simple trick, they have managed to deliver their message very effectively.

3)      Newspapers

Newspapers are seen as a trusted source by many consumers. Hence a lot of brands that target audiences above the age of 30 place their ads in newspapers. Newspapers are a great way to project a certain brand image. 

There are many creative ads that can be found in a newspaper that has helped shape brands’ images. Take a look at this ad by Tata Iodised Salt.


Tata is a very popular brand in India. Tata is famous for the reliability of their products. They are famous for offering quality products at lower price points. And hence you would find most of their advertisements in newspapers.

The above advert by Tata not only speaks creativity but also manages to convey the medical and health benefits of their product.

4)      Digital Marketing

One of the more recent forms of advertising is also creating waves among the advertising industry. Digital marketing was able to create personal marketing like no other avenue. They make the most unique use of targeted ads.

Digital marketing is more popular among the younger generation. The most popular avenues include social media, search engines, and email.


Hopefully, you found this article informative and it helps you create creative advertisements for your business and help it turn into a brand.

Now it is your turn, feel free to share which strategy you found the most helpful and useful for your own brand building in the comments below.

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