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The Savior for You and Your Stranded Car

If you have ever encountered the unfortunate event of being stuck in the middle of nowhere in a car that won’t start, you will know the importance of the role that tow truck services play. There are various situations when this service is required such as in the event of an accident or a breakdown.

Tow trucks can transport vehicles without a driver to the nearest service center or workshop safely without harming the car any further. They can be highly beneficial in dire situations and it is ideal that you have a number handy, so you can call if required. The tow truck company will most likely tell you their thoughts on the specific problem your car is encountering. They may also suggest new parts for your car, such as a dana 44 front axle.

What are tow trucks?

Tow trucks are vehicles equipped with facilities to transport a non-functional vehicle from a place of need. They are also called a wrecker, breakdown truck, recovery vehicle and breakdown lorry based on regional vocabulary.

There are trucks that are often equipped with a flatbed; a flat surface on the rear side where a car can be pulled onto and placed.  Different tow trucks work in different methods to transport the indisposed motor vehicles.

The wheel-lift tow truck lifts the frontal region of the car using hydraulic pressure and lets the rest of it follow. There are also trucks that are equipped with a boom to help the lifting process and an integrated version as well.

When will you require a tow truck?

There are various situations where a tow truck will be necessary and some of them are mentioned below. It is ideal to find and save a contact for a good tow truck service in case you would ever need one. You can find some excellent services on this website.

In case of an accident

Sometimes during road accidents, the vehicles involved can become dysfunctional due to the impact. They will have to be transported back to a safe location or a repair shop to prevent traffic on the road as well as ensure its prompt repair. In situations like these, a medium-duty truck can work like magic to sort the situation. If it is necessary for you to purchase truck replacements after the accident, like warn winch parts, the mechanics will tell you once the car is transported away from the accident zone safely.


The most common usage of tow trucks is by the legal authority to remove illegally parked vehicles. Often cars can be found in a no-parking zone or an abandoned area and it will need to be extracted and placed in the possession of the police till the owner pays a fine and resumes possession of the vehicle.

Transportation of cars

Occasionally tow trucks are used to transport a vehicle from garages or auto-dealerships to the owner. It can also be used to deliver a brand new car to its owner. On a daily basis, many tow trucks are dispatched exclusively for this particular task.

Helping a vehicle recover from dangerous terrain

Despite four-wheelers being reputed to perform in all sorts of terrain, they can yet be a victim to nature occasionally. In case the vehicle gets stuck in a rocky area, or an area with uneven surfaces, a tow truck will be required to pull the vehicle out safely.

Stolen vehicle recovery

In certain situations, a stolen vehicle finds its way back onto the roadway and the owner will have to retrieve it himself. If it is left abandoned without gas or the keys, a tow truck will be the best possible way to ensure that the car gets home safely.

Towing inaccessible cars

If you have been locked out of your car accidentally with the key in a different place, moving them can be a hell of a task. Here is when tow trucks can be utilized successfully. Professional servicemen may also have a set of global keys to help you get in.

Moving a motorhome

Living on the road in an RV or a motorhome is a dreamy task for most families. However, the disadvantage of this is the relocation bit. A towing company can simply transport motorhomes from places to places at an economic rate as well.

Finding the right service

Due to the fact that this is often an urgent need that comes up unplanned and can cause a lot of inconvenience for you, it is integral to choose your towing company carefully. In the event of being stranded on a busy road, the trouble and danger are more as well due to the wind generated by the fast moving cars which make the repairing process harder. It is ideal to choose a company with expert employees and dedicated service to help you in the time of need.

Towing is also available for larger vehicles such as trucks. A wheel-lift heavy duty tow truck is used here due to the excess weight of the vehicle that needs to be towed.

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