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Four birthday gift ideas to give your employees

Showing employees that you appreciate them is essential in today’s office culture. Their birthday is one of the most important occasions for you to express your gratitude! Giving employees gifts on their birthday can demonstrate how much you appreciate them.

But how do you decide what to get them? People have different tastes, so it can be hard to figure out what each worker likes.

We’d like to assist you if you’re looking for employee birthday gift ideas. Continue reading to learn about the top four birthday gifts for employees and also check this website for new business tech.

A Voucher Or Gift Card.

When you’re at a loss for what to give, a gift card or voucher is a great option. Furthermore, large corporations can buy in bulk and save money. Furthermore, your employee will benefit from receiving a higher-value gift card. You can also take advantage of special discounts on gift cards by providing your employees with generous spending power on their birthdays.

Plant For The Desk

Filling your office environment with green plants has been shown to increase humidity, keep air temperatures down, and reduce carbon dioxide levels. A pretty plant is an ideal gift for a new coworker or one who is struggling to personalize their desk space.

Cacti, succulents, and donkey tails all grow neatly, require little care, and don’t take up much space. Plant them in a fun planter or ask the rest of the team to get creative and decorate their colleague’s gift. It’s amazing what you can do with a terracotta pot, a sharpie, and some patience.

Plants are also beneficial to employee well-being and performance, and there is scientific evidence to support this. A study by Exeter University found that employees did better on memory tests when there was one plant per square meter in an office. A study by NASA found that plants can help eliminate more than 100 volatile organic compounds from the air.Of course, the latter study was conducted in space, but similar air purification effects can be expected here on Earth!

A Day Off On Your Birthday

Many companies give their employees an extra day off for their birthdays so that they can really celebrate in style. Obviously, this works better in some companies than others. For example, if everyone on a small team was born in the same month as a big deadline, you may have some trouble.

If a full day off isn’t always possible, consider allowing them to save it for later in the year, providing more flexible working hours on a birthday, or bringing a party atmosphere into the office. Decorate your employees’ desks or organize a team lunch to make it feel more special than a typical workday – it will boost morale for everyone, not just the person whose special day it is.

Customized Stationery

The stationary is the best part of any office. Personalized stationary allows you to decorate a space with functional materials. The rise in attractive stationary has given employees another way to express themselves.

Everything from pens to notebooks can be ordered in their favorite color. Alternatively, have quotes from their favorite piece of media engraved on every material.

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