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Mobile Payment Solutions – Q&A with MuchBetter CEO, Israel Rosenthal

Mobile payment solutions have exploded in popularity all over the world in the past decade, and in order to attain new growth possibilities, financial services and other key stakeholders are turning to mobile payment solutions.

We sat down with Israel Rosenthal, CEO at MuchBetter, to find out more about MuchBetter.

So, where did the idea to create MuchBetter come from?

IR: We noticed there was a gap in the industry for a payment solution to deliver localised payment alternatives and simplicity when depositing and withdrawing funds in relation to online gaming, but we also wanted to expand on this as we realised that clients needed to send money to their friends and relatives as well, and that we could build this all into one versatile app.

This prompted us to devise a one-of-a-kind pricing strategy for an e-wallet that was both simple to use and multipurpose. We can engage with our B2B clients easily because of our distinctive product portfolio and commercial terms, offering them the assurance to push the MuchBetter wallet while also offering our B2C customers an app that they can user for everyday spending.

What does MuchBetter offer compared to other apps?

IR:MuchBetter’s digital payment option has a simple user experience and a highly secured architecture that customers can install on their phone and use whenever they want.

We also offer customers the option to purchase wearables, like our MuchBetter fob that’s available in Europe so that customers no longer need to carry their own wallet or handbag, nor do they need to carry their debit or credit card data with them when they go out. Instead, they simply use their fob anywhere Mastercard contactless is accepted, and their phone for online purchases because everything is tied to their e-wallet.

How do mobile payment solutions make it easier for the user?

IR: Most mobile payment solutions today are economical as there are no account fees or charges. Customers can easily manage their transactions and add money to their account within a few minutes. They can also send and receive money securely and quickly without making any phone calls to their credit card company or bank. Having a mobile payment solution on a smartphone makes life a lot easier, even when you’re on holiday.

How do mobile payments work?

IR: Digital payments can be made in a variety of techniques. If a consumer has an e-wallet, all they have to do is wave or put their smartphone above a NFC chip transaction gateway. The inbuilt hardware in the smartphone and terminals enables the client’s device to exchange protected credit card data using radio-frequency identification (RFID). Not only does MuchBetter have the skills and resources to provide digital wallet software, we have a comprehensive range of NFC-enabled gadgets for even more security.

Why mobile payment solutions are needed today?

IR: Mobile wallet platforms like MuchBetter improve accessibility for customers, resulting in greater revenue and engagement.

When it comes to incorporating transactions within an application or an e-wallet, connectivity is important, and our technologies can assist you to do just that. Furthermore, all activity is connected with a payment processor for consolidated monitoring and quick verification when you transfer funds on the move.

Download the MuchBetter app today and create a free account!

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