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How to Start a Camping Site Business

Whether you like to spend time outdoors, or you are simply looking for a business idea, starting a campground can be a great investment nowadays, especially if you already own a suitable site. And if you don’t, you can always rent or buy one and adapt it for this purpose. The best thing about running this type of business is that you’ll provide people with a location to get in touch with nature. At your camping site, you can either accept vehicles (such as motorhomes) or you can simply target tent campers. 

However, launching and running a camping site comes with many challenges. This is why you should keep in mind that some knowledge of accounting, maintenance, etc., as well as some organizational, communication, problem-solving, and other soft skills, are also necessary to start your business. Because even though you can pay a third party for any task, it’s best if you are capable of doing most things in the camp on your own. 

The following 8 steps are essential for starting a successful camping site business. 

1.  Plan Your Business

To create an efficient business that has a chance to succeed, first, you must develop a business plan for a campground, outlining all the elements of your future company. To write it, you must take into account every aspect of your company, including start-up fees, your target market, and other factors that will help you succeed.

2. Create a Memorable Name for Your Business

Finding a name that is catchy, easy to remember, and easy to spell, can have an impact on success in business. Additionally, choose an eye-catching logo, and invest in branding. This can be a great way to stand out from your competitors right from the start. 

3. Choose the Services You Want to Provide

As a camping site business, you will make money by renting out space, whether it’s for vehicles or tents. Campgrounds also offer electrical hookups or they offer common areas, where clients can use electricity. Nevertheless, there are also other services that you can provide to increase your profitability, such as selling food or entertainment services. For instance, your site may include sports facilities. 

4. Know Your Target Audience

Your target market will depend on things like the camping site you want to start. For instance, you can target clients that go camping with tents if the business is located in a rustic area or near a national park. On the other hand, if there are public service sites around your location, it may make more sense for you to focus on those camping with vehicles.

5. Get the Necessary Licenses and Permits

When you start any type of business, there are various legal requirements that you must meet. To ensure that your company is as legally protected as possible, you must learn about all legal considerations, register a business, get any license and permit necessary to run a campground, get the required insurance policies, etc. Keep in mind that there could be consequences if you don’t have the appropriate permits. 

6. Understand All the Legal Aspects

Before starting your camping site business, make sure you understand all the legal aspects to be able to protect yourself and your business. Learn all of your responsibilities and your clients’ rights so that you can get the best insurance policy possible to cover any personal or professional liability. 

7. Invest in Marketing

A well-designed website and engaging social media accounts will allow you to grow even more. Marketing is one of those elements in any business that shouldn’t be ignored, and having professionals working on your digital marketing strategy can make a huge difference in your revenue. 

8. Create a Financial Plan

If you don’t own land that is suitable for this type of business, starting a camping site will be a significant investment. You will need to purchase a plot of land, the cost of which will depend on the size, but also the location. 

Aside from this significant investment, you will need the funds to adapt the land for a functioning campground, build interior roads, bathrooms, and other facilities, plumbing, electrical installations, and so on. You will also need to pay for the required business licenses and permits, as well as the necessary insurance policy. 


Running a campground can be very profitable. There are many different kinds of camping, and more and more people opt for this type of traveling and vacationing. All you need is suitable land and a good strategy. A camping site business is perfect for people who love being outside and communicating with others. It’s also an excellent business for anyone with previous management, staffing, and maintenance expertise of any kind.

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