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How to a Land a Sales Job as a Newcomer to Toronto

Canada’s economy has expanded over the years, creating opportunities for skilled foreign workers to move to the country and advance their careers. According to CanadianVisa.org, the sales representative role was one of Canada’s highest-demanded occupations listed by several provinces and territories in 2019. But it can be challenging for newcomers to land sales jobs in Canadian cities like Toronto due to the high level of competition.

Newcomers to Toronto looking to accelerate their career in sales can embrace the following strategies to land a sales job and achieve their goals.

Expand Your Knowledge

Even if you have specialized sales education and experience working in the industry, expanding your knowledge can help you become more qualified for specific roles. Employers want to ensure that the individuals they hire have sufficient knowledge and relevant skills. Some specific skills employers may be looking for are product expertise, effective communication, problem solving, and rapport building. Your career success significantly depends on your willingness to learn, as most employers look for proactive sales professionals that can help the company grow.

Expand your knowledge by enrolling in sales courses or training programs near you. This can help employers view you as a qualified candidate, increasing your chances of landing the job and getting a higher salary.

Revamp Your Resume

The quality of your resume significantly influences your chances of getting interviews and job opportunities. Canadian resumes may be formatted differently than your current resume, as Canadian employers prefer to read highlights of your relevant experience rather than every job you’ve done. So, tailoring your resume for each job application can be more valuable than using the same generic one for every listing.

Look at sample resumes to understand the preferred format for Canadian job applications. Use online templates or reach out to a professional offering resume advice to ensure you’re on the right track.

Reach Out to a Sales Recruiter

Working with a recruitment agency is one of the most effective ways to find a sales job. A recruitment agency specializing in sales can help job seekers find a suitable position based on their experience. The best Toronto sales recruiters have deep knowledge of what their clients look for in a salesperson and look for candidates that can fulfill those requirements. 

Adding your name to the database of a recruitment agency can open many professional doors for you, as you will be one of the first points of contact when a company seeks a sales professional that matches your expertise, skills, and interests. 

Most recruitment agencies also post listings for all the positions their clients are looking to fill, and going through these listings will give you access to jobs that may not be advertised on general job boards. You can filter your search based on your experience level, desired salary, and location to save the time and hassle of sifting through jobs that don’t match your needs.

Moving to a new country and looking for a job can seem overwhelming, but there are things you can do to simplify the process. Take time to customize your resume, expand your skillset, and work with a recruiter to get closer to your dream sales job.

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