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Here are 5 car insurance tips for any one relocating within India.

Car insurance & relocating – from the surface, these two things can seem completely unrelated. Most would assume that one does not have anything to do with the other. However, a change in residence could have quite an impact on your car insurance policy.  Keeping this in mind, the following article will go over some insurance-related pointers that one should bear in mind when relocating within the country.

1. Consider getting better coverage.

You should consider upgrading your policy if you are relocating – especially if you live in a Tier-II or Tier-III town, currently have third party car insurance and you are relocating to a metro city! You’ll need to think about getting a comprehensive plan simply because urban cities present a higher risk of accidents. Vehicular traffic will be significantly higher and roads tend to be very congested – this exposes you to a greater risk of damage.

2. Add-ons should be considered.

It might not strike you at first, but your protection needs change when you relocate. For instance, where previously you parked in a secure location, you could now be parked under a tree! In this case, falling branches or fruits (picture coconuts) could severely damage things like your windshield. In this case, you could opt for windshield cover.

Also, if the building you move to is low-lying and floods easily – you should consider fortifying your plan with the engine protector add-on! You could also include the personal belongings cover if you’ve moved to an area that is prone to theft and related crimes. Similarly, there numerous other car insurance add-ons that you might want to consider after relocating.

3. NOC & Registration.

When you are moving to a new city or state, you need to get your car re-registered with the RTO of that area. It is illegal to drive your car without getting a NOC from the regional RTO. After this, you would also have to re-register the vehicle by paying lifetime road tax. Failing to pay the road tax& registering your car could lead to a fine of up to Rs.500 for the first time and double the amount for repeat offenses. Driving without these valid papers could also cause complications in case you have to make a claim against your car insurance policy

4. Inform your insurance provider.

This is mostly to change your registered address and contact numbers. It ensures that any official documents (such as your policy document on renewal and so on) reach you at your new address instead of being sent to your old residence. Also, your car insurance provider might rework your plan – especially your premiums if you’ve moved from a Tier-II or III cities to a metro.

  1. Maybe get a new plan? Maybe your current insurance provider is increasing your premiums too much after the move. Or maybe you want a car insurance company that’s closer to your new residence. Or maybe your old insurance company has fewer network garages in the city you’ve moved to. You could simply switch insurance providers buy going online, getting instant quotes, and finding a better plan!

Hope this has been helpful, good luck with your move. Hope you enjoy your new home and the change of scenery. Drive safe and always wear your seatbelt!


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