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Foumovies – Download Free HD Movies On Foumovies

Foumovies is a website suggested for downloading both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. There are different options to download movies into different megapixels such as 720p, 1080p and other HD formats. The website is called by certain other names such as foumovies. One can download unlimited movies from this website. Also, the website provides a section where one can download Hollywood movies dubbed in the Hindi language. The website is accessible through both phone and PC. One can download it on any of the equipment.

The search option on the website

The first page of Foumovies is all about Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The website offers new movies for downloading. There is a search option on the website where one can search movies by entering into a catalog. The following options are:

  • Search by Language: One can search for movies by language such as Hindi or English. The English language represents Hollywood movies and the Hindi language represents Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies dubbed in the Hindi language.
  • Search by Genre: Another option is to search a movie by its genre. The genre can be Adventure, Comedy, Action, Horror, Romance, Fiction and many more. One can easily find movies through genres.
  • Search by Year: The movies can be searched by entering a year as well. One can enter 2017 and all the movies of that year appear. The movies can be downloaded from there.
  • Search by Name: All the above options are mostly used when one cannot find the exact movie he wants to download. If the user knows the exact name of the movie then the movie can be searched by entering the name itself.

Another amazing option is that one can request movies on the website that cannot be found there.

Watch online movies in Foumovies 

The website Foumovies also provides an option to watch movies online. The online streaming service is amazing. It also provides HD captions along with the streaming. One can even save the storage space of the device and watch movies online. The movie can be searched through the catalog option as mentioned above and then the online streaming allows the user to watch it even without downloading. The website provides online streaming for free and is even a greater option than downloading if someone has storage issues.


HD Movies On Foumovies

If one does not want to watch online streaming then another option is to download the movie from the website. Different movies from different areas can be downloaded and watched. The advantage of downloaded movies is that one can even watch them in offline mode as well. There is no issue with the internet in the downloaded movie. One can follow simple steps to download movies from the website Foumovies:

  • Open the website: The first step is that one needs to access the website through the web browser. One can either search the website on Google or directly enter the website.
  • Search the movie: The second step is to do a thorough search for a movie one wants to watch. Some movies are displayed on the first page. There are chances that one can find the desired movie there. Also, if one cannot find it there then, there is a search option on the top of the page. One can access that option and the various categories can be used to dig deeper for the movie. In the search option, one can either find through genre, name, year or language.
  • Download the movie: Once the desired movie is found by the search option, click on the movie and then select the resolution in which the movie will be downloaded. The movie can be downloaded in various resolutions such as 720p, 1080p or HD format.

So, by following all these steps one can easily download the movie of their choice.


Benefits of using Foumovies

  • Free of cost

One of the main advantages of using the Foumovies website is that it is free of cost. The online streaming is free. Also, one can download movies from the website free of cost.

  • No need for credentials

Most of the websites ask for credentials when someone tries to download a movie but unlike other websites, Foumovies do not ask for any of the credentials. One can download movies on the website Foumovies without any credentials. This reduces the risk of hackers to get details of someone. Hence there is no chance of invading anyone’s privacy. This website assures more secrecy and security.

  • The user gets a variety of options

The website also offers a lot of options to discover from. One can choose from many genres such as adventure, drama, fiction, action, romantic, sci-fi, thriller and many more. The movie can be downloaded in top quality with a good IMDB rating.

  • New content

The website Foumovies uploads all the new content and the latest movies. This is a great attraction point for the customers as they are keen to watch new movies and making them available on time makes it easier for the users.

So, these are all the advantages of Foumovies. Foumovies is an amazing website to download and watch online movies. It can be accessed through web browsers online. It does not have a specific application. The movies on Foumovies can be searched through categories and genres available on the website. There are many resolutions available in which one can download the movie.

The best part of the website is that it is even comfortable for people who do not understand English. They can download the Hollywood movie dubbed in the Hindi language. This feature of Foumovies increases the customer base of the website. Some people prefer downloading the movie as they can even watch it in the offline mode without any hassle whereas some people prefer watching the online stream. This saves the storage space of their device.

Foumovies is an amazing website for movie lovers. It can be accessed anytime anywhere with the help of the internet. A movie lover can never resist such a website.


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