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Emailing and Browsing the Internet: Top Tips for Using Google Services on Your Android Smartphone

You may already know that Google is the most ubiquitous service on any mobile device, but did you know that if you’re an Android user, you may have a distinct advantage over those who use iOS? This is because Google builds the operating systems and has many apps for the Android and merely ports them for use on other systems.

This advantage can be seen when using Google as your browser and email app. While Chrome and Gmail are obviously available on iOS — Google does want everyone to be able to use their apps — there are some ways that the apps are more beneficial to Android users. Here are some of the ways that Android users can take advantage of Google apps on their mobile devices.


Gmail is a great email app that lets you keep track of all of your important emails while easily labeling messages and getting rid of the spam. Android users have an even better options, now: Inbox.

Inbox offers some great options that Gmail does not, raising it a little above the original app that’s available for iOS. First, Inbox allows to you “snooze” messages for later: that means that you don’t have to read them right away if you want, and you can customize how long you want it to disappear for. It also offers an “undo” button that will let you retract any email you send for about 15 seconds. This is great if you find yourself hastily rushing off responses and feeling guilty about them later.


While iOS users can certainly download and use Chrome as their web browser, it’s not really the same program that Android users have. This is because Apple limits third-party development, so there aren’t as many options available as there are for Android.

This means that “flags” are only available to Android users. These flags allow you to experiment with different options, such as revealing content just by hovering over a link, or enable password generation that will give you suggestions for secure passwords to a website. If you like incognito mode, it’s only truly incognito with Android, as iOS doesn’t clear your storage.

Google Play

Google Play goes hand-in-hand with your browser on an Android device. This is where you get all of the cool apps, games and music that are available for Android.

Google Play gets far more downloads than the Apple Store, so it’s always updating and offering the best apps. Again, Google allows third-party developers, so there is never a shortage of new and exciting apps, like the weather app at this link. All you have to do is sign up and you are able to download both paid and free apps to any Android device. The store will recommend apps that it thinks will be helpful to you based on previous downloads.

Make the most of your Android device and check out these apps for emailing, browsing and having fun.

Alex Long has been an Android user for several years and enjoys helping people get the most out of their smartphones, knowing all the tips and tricks out there! His articles appear on technology blogs.

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