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4 Surprising benefits of fiber internet connectivity – Reasons to upgrade your internet connection

With the increasing dependence on the internet, both households and business organizations are in dire need of high speed internet connection. Superfast broadband is getting increasingly common for businesses and consumers. Big businesses and the smaller ones are all in need of 24*7 internet connection to share files, carry on telecommunication, upload files, download information and perform a host of other important tasks. An individual working from home will also need high speed internet in order to be able to work without any obstacle of poor connection. In fact, it has also been studied that superfast broadband connection has assisted a company to boost its profits by 40%. So, what are the reasons behind opting for superfast broadband connection? Check out some.

#1: Superfast broadband can support multiple devices at home

The current broadband connection is struggling hard to support the rising number of internet-capable devices at home like iPads, mobile phones, tablets, e-reader, notebooks, games consoles, desktop PCs and other sorts of media players. With the sudden growth in the number household appliances connected to the internet, it is extremely necessary to have superfast internet at home. 75% of table owners say they remain online on their tablet every day. Hence, you know the need to upgrade your internet connection to a faster one.

#2: Superfast broadband is available almost at the same price like basic broadband

With the increasing demand of superfast internet connections, the prices are falling considerably and currently there is a negligible difference between superfast broadband and basic services. It has been found out that the difference between rental fees for the low-cost superfast broadband service and the present generation services is indeed small where the price differs by only 5-10 pounds. Hence, when it has become so cheap, why wouldn’t you upgrade?

#3: Traditional broadband services can often be unreliable

ADSL broadband is carried through copper cables from the exchange to home areas and business premises. The internet signal suffers enough interruption as it has to travel along long distance through a copper wire. This often reduces the speed till it is delivered. On the other hand, high speed fiber internet connection is immune to any kind of interference and doesn’t suffer from any obstacle due to copper cables. This is why more consumers are changing to Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) in order to get high speed connection.

#4: Superfast broadband enhances work and personal life balance

Working from home allows most people to obtain a perfect work-life balance, especially for parents with very young children. There are times when traditional broadband services can’t offer reliable access to businesses but high speed fiber internet options can offer you flawless video conferencing experience which can help you maintain the perfect work-life balance.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to stay on top of your internet connection, always connected to your clients and colleagues, upgrade your internet connection to a superfast one for the above mentioned reasons.

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