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Directions, Destinations and Driving: How to Use Google Maps with Hands Free Technology

An often-requested feature from Google has been for the Maps application to be equipped with voice recognition and control. The requested feature has finally made its ways to phones, currently called Google Now. It’s an important step in the right direction for the company and has assisted users with something they’ve asked for and needed for some time now. The functionality is quite easy as it does away with the microphone icon needing to be tapped before use.

Updates & Use

 The new update, once installed allows for users to simply say “Ok Google” and it can then be followed by a set of voice commands. The navigation will then be able to reroute to a correct direction or new area. It is perfectly able to link up with your Bluetooth in any vehicle you may have. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, it’s a great time to use all of your technologies in tandem.

Take for example a new RAM Truck 2500, getting around in a new vehicle connected wirelessly and without having to type anything is basically living in the future. Voice control takes it that extra step further.

Voice in Action

There is a lot more than just talking into your phone and waiting to see your new destination.  There are whole lists of different questions you can ask or tell your Google Maps while en route. For example, you can ask when the next turn is coming up before you get a few hundred feet before the curb. Simple things you’d ask someone in the ride like is there traffic up ahead, can easily be asked and understood.

The amount of basic phrases and questions it can understand will only grow and probably be limited by your imagination. Tell the map to navigate you home or to the nearest gas station. These are real literal lifesavers while on the road.  

Settings Change Up

The commands have since expanded since the first ones came to the market. There is a lot more ways your devices can understand you and respond back to you with equally intelligent responses. Google Maps has the ability to tell whether you’re on a long road trip through the country or just driving your daily commute.

In the settings you can change if the voice control operates with the map app opened or closed.  Once you’ve enabled it and turned it on, the phrase “Ok Google,” will get you going right where you need to be.

You can work on different semantics too, by letting the app know what types of phrases you may be using. A common phrase would be “What’s my ETA,” and that could be a quick phrase that lets you know when you’ll arrive. It really is the future of voice control and it’s something users have wanted for quite some time. Now they’ve got it and can drive easy with vocal control at their beckoning call.

Oliver Freeman is a Dad of two boys and works for a fleet management company during the day. Due to his job, and his 2 sons, Oliver usually writes about the auto industry whether for consumers or businesses.

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