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Can Hackathons be Helpful for You?

Businessmen are extremely specific about everything. They always put in efforts to ensure that their business achieve the highest positions. They invest in the ventures that get them prosperity and progress. What do you do for your organization? Do you make moves that are important for the overall affectivity of your business and employees?

You can enhance the quality, skills and knowledge of your employees by giving them a chance to grow. Have you ever heard about hackathons? It is an interesting concept that gets every participant a fair share of information and experience.  As time is a rare commodity, people are always encouraged to use their time wisely. Therefore, people do make decisions everyday on how they want to spend their time. Have you ever thought about taking out some time for hackathons? You can make sure that your employees participate in this program and acquire all the important information. In case hackathons participation is not really on your to-do list, then following are a few perks of hackathons that would leave your charmed.

Learn a new technical skill

Folks tend to invest so much of money in conventional education. But don’t you think it is even better to learn a new skill that too free of cost? It is something that you can expect from a hackathon. Hackathons target professionals, experts but other people too can participate. The organizers of this program tend to host these events around a specific technology and provide the environment, the instruments, workshops, and mentors to train and guide the individuals participating to release their creativity so as to solve a problem. The best part is that these professionals help and cheer you in your endeavours.

Achievement on your plate

have you ever imagined if your employees participate in a hackathon with smidgen knowledge of a specific technology but then work hard, learn a ton in that process, and then possess a tangible demo by the end of the day that the individual get to showcase to all the people gathered in the room who have themselves went through the entire procedure of the hackathons. Here, you get a great sense of achievement. No matter how accomplished the task was you get that pinch of happiness. You at least did something and it turned tables for you. Whether the project you did was polished or not even complete; you know that you got to do so much and you gave your best foot.

Better soft skills

If you think that technical world is all about technical tasks, endeavours and skills then you are wrong. The business world demands everything from the employees. You know the environment of hackathons is fully the ideal place to foster these skills. Most likely, over a small timeframe, you are expected to cooperate effectively under pressure with a group or team of strangers. You have to find out their strength, how to allocate tasks, and how to blend the diverse parts into a single united project. You would agree that great communication skills are important during this type of process as well as when giving ideas or suggestions during the execution of tasks. Now, if your employees participate in this hackathon thing or you host one for them; you can make a great difference for their communication skills or entire soft skills for sure. They would get a chance to enhance their skills abundantly.

The networking ingredient

Networking is the chief essence of a hackathon. You can imagine being surrounded by same type of individuals who are there to learn and work together. It is not possible that you don’t do network with them. Apart from this, by just working under pressure with the team, you shall most probable be able to construct a strong bond with them that is going to be extended way beyond the hackathon. And yes, don’t forget that apart from the hackathon participants, the participants will get the chance to meet and get a chance to know mentors from the entire community and even corporate sponsors. These are the connections that are going to enrich the network. Once your employees make networks with influential people, your organization can make a great development.

Positivity and inspiration

It is not to forget that the positive energy at a hackathon is transmissible. By the end of this program, you can ensure the fact that you are going to leave with many ideas and fresh sets of goals irrespective of whether you finished your demo or not. Just observing how the participants in the hackathon approach problems and their innovative solutions will kindle your innovation, expand your imagination, and boost you. Of course, once your employees become a part of this program, or you host hackathons, you can give them a chance to get inspiration and a boost.

Remember positivity is a key to success. Once your employees have a positive approach, they would not get stuck easily. They would be full of ideas, creativity and innovation. Positivity is an asset that you are there with every employee. The working system today is so complex and complicated that people get negative in no time. Well, once the staffs working in your organization get positivity, they would do better than expected. A hackathon would give the participants a chance to expand their calibre terrifically.

Would it be expensive?

Well, whether you conduct a hackathon online or offline; you would definitely cherish the benefits it gets you and the employees working for you. Hackathons would give you a chance to get a fresh air of everything. You would get a chance to enhance your skills and uplift your knowledge. Your organization would get better and your employees would become more dedicated once they see so much of talent, newness and inspiration all over the place. You might have to spend some pennies for making arrangements or organizing things but that would be worth doing.


So, if you haven’t conducted a hackathon in your campus yet; it would be a great idea to do it now!

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