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Best Logo design website – Designhill, Logogarden or logomaker?

Startups and small business owners look for ways to cut cost of marketing their products or services. They have to spend money regularly in creating many graphic design items such as logo, websites, business cards etc, which compels them to take steps to reduce cost of availing these design products. Logo is any company’s business symbol for assuring the people that products or services are from the company. However, more than being a symbol, a logo actually becomes a lot more useful for a company and its business. A logo, for instance, helps in creating brand identity of a company.

Crowdsourcing has made owning well-crafted logo design affordable for startups and small business owners. However, while there are many graphic design crowdsourcing sites, Designhill.com is one the leading sites on which businesses have shown their confidence when it comes to having professionally designed logos at cheaper costs. This design platform has grown faster in a short period with the clients and graphic designers both liking its useful features. Designhill not only allows clients to get logo designs within small price but also offers them 100% money back guarantee to assure them safety of their investment on creating logos.

However, there are other graphic design crowdsourcing sites such as Logogarden and Logomaker, which are also useful for businesses owners to get customized logos. Nevertheless, how these two sites compare with Designhill? Let us find out.

First, let us see what Designhill has to offer

Designhill is a leading graphic design platform. It is also the cheapest source of getting your customized logo design. When it comes to lowering your cost of creating your company logo, nothing compares with this platform. Recently, the site has introduced a new pricing for logo designing. It now allows clients to create logo at only $49 by choosing Basic price package. No other site allows you access to unique logos with such minimal cost. Then, even higher packages are much cheaper as compared to others. You can also opt for Fast Track and Normal packages, which are priced at $ 99 and $ 199 respectively, which are entirely within small budgetary reach of clients.

Designhill is also known for offering more useful features for logo designing. For example, you get many design entries and designers on any pricing package you choose. You can expect 10 to 100 design entries in response to your logo design contest. Depending on the package you choose, expect 10 to 50 designers working on your logo design project on the site.

The crowdsourcing site also allows you to promote your logo design contest on social media using, which results in talented designers working on your logo project. You can also invite any logo designer to work specially for you on the site. Therefore, you can avoid the contest route and have one to one contact with the talented designer of your choice. There are in fact many facilities that Designhill offers to clients.

Designhill also refunds money if clients are not satisfied with the work. You can get your entire money that you announced as prize money for your contest winner designer, if you do not like the designs. Therefore, there are no risks in launching a logo design contest.

Now let us compare usefulness of Designhill with Logogarden and Logomaker

Both these sites are free logo maker sites. Free logo maker sites allow you to use graphic design tools for creating a logo at the site on your own. Obviously, there will be no professional skills involved when you draw your own logo. You need services of professional designers in creating meaningful logos. Therefore, these two sites are useful for people who do not take logo design seriously and need only a business symbol to identify their products or services. Since you can create a logo free of cost, this is surely a cheaper means. But your logo quality will suffer heavily.

If you want to take help of designers on these two sites, you can do so by choosing a price package. Nevertheless, cost of creating a professional logo design at Logogarden is $199. But a problem with this site is that it lets the client have one dedicated designer, which means that your access to many designers is restricted. This means that you have access to only a limited number of 4-5 design ideas from single designer.

Logomaker is also a free logo maker software tool that you can use to create own logo design if you want it quickly for your company. Here also if you are not a designer, you will be creating a casual drawing in the name of logo as professional skills are missing. However, there is a catch. While you can draw your own logo using Logomaker tools, but you can save the logo for five days at the site. Then if you want to own the logo, you need to fork out money to them. Therefore, it is not completely free logo maker tool.


With the above comparison, we can say that given low cost of creating a customized logo, money back guarantee and other useful features, Designhill is an ideal crowdsourcing site for clients. Logomaker and Logogarden help you create own logos but you end up owning a casual drawing in the name of a logo due to restricted choices available at these sites.

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