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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision systems: Role in Covid-19 Pandemic

The world has grappled with the COVID-19 and the technology is not able to protect us from the onset of this coronavirus pandemic. On the flip side, technologies such as machine vision and artificial intelligence can play an essential role in preventing the spread of this virus among humans and also, educate the global community on how to deal with this. It can also allow people by spiking the awareness of the influence in their location.

Not a buzzword, but an innovative approach to an epidemic

For most of the people, some of the emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things(IoT), machine learning and 5G are just a few buzzwords, However, till the time they converge, they start proffering mouth-watering opportunities to reflect an immense difference between both business as well as our globe. Also, it can be helpful to pave the way for a more unique way to pandemic response.

It delivers productivity in Pharmaceutical

Quality is always the foremost concern in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Thus, a major role has played by the machine vision systems in providing top-notch quality products in the industry. Further, it also delivers productivity within the confine demands of strict quality. Till the time this technology has emerged into the industry, it has gained some advanced levels. Now, it fits best into the definite applications and sets up productivity in a number of ways.

These systems such as device quality inspection machines are highly deployed in the pharmaceutical industry. Machine vision systems automate various applications and used in some crucial procedures such as code validation, fill level, contamination, safety seal, package integrity, labeling, and surface defect.

Manual inspection processes were slow and as long as the machine vision advancements feel in the industry, the inspection process becomes too fast with sensors and retrofit systems. Less labor is required while doing the inspection process as the machine vision system becomes easier to use as well as implement, resulting in productivity at a lower cost.

Machine Vision and AI affecting healthcare positively

Healthcare is an emerging field. Hospitals start using new technologies by avoiding outdated processes. Innovation is vital but more critical in the health sector. With the machine vision and AI, it takes 1.2 seconds for a doctor to read the CT scan as compared to inefficient technologies where it takes three minutes and it seems like a long time. It gives a second chance to the patient between life and death. It is also helpful in knowing the effect of coronavirus on the patient by scanning.

Artificial Intelligence enhances the researchers to understand the virus and target as well as treat COVID-19. AI tools, for instance, are used to understand the relationship between the lung pathology of COVID-19 and immune inflammation. This machine learning technology can provide personalized treatments to COVID-19 patients. Complex models through the wide sources of information and data help AI to build and detect personalized therapeutic targets. AI is helpful to identify COVID-19 quickly ranging from mild signs to death.

Positive sides of AI in combination with machine vision

Vision Systems (IVS) and the accompanying technologies such as special-purpose vision machines they leverage could be explained as uttered heroes that make it possible to produce medicine, ventilators, vaccines, and others. While combined with artificial intelligence, machine vision systems can authorize the workforce as well as allow humans to get faster and more accurate results.

Device Quality Inspection Machines control such technologies in all areas such as medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing. From In-Process Inspection Machines to machine visions once again, technology allows the company to fulfill the specific requirements of manufacturers in the field of medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.

Bottom Line

Machine vision systems united with the advent of in-depth learning as well as artificial intelligence is an area that needs to watch closely. With the help of machine vision, industrial automation, and robotics, we are already starting to see transformational changes in industries such  as automotive, package, electronics, and pharma. Coronavirus pandemic is explained as an unseen enemy. However, there is an argument that the technology assisting to fight the global outbreak finds unnoticeable.

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