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A Detailed Guide on Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

If you are the one who owns an eCommerce store must be aware of products going out of stock. But, losing customers because it is not the right thing to suffer from. With a well-written and good quality Magento 2 extensions, you can quickly deal with products that aren’t in stock and can send Magento 2 out of stock notification once the product is back to your reliable and trustworthy customers.

Magento 2 out of stock notification sends the alert notification to the customers through the email for the product they had subscribed previously. It will also help store owners create a list of people who have subscribed to his product out of stock. This will keep things smooth and easy for the owners.

You can easily capture the leads and turn them into your customers with the help of a product stock alert email. They easily get notified when the product is back in stock, which will keep them updated with each activity going on. The Magento 2 extensions allow you to learn about your customers’ product demands and provide them with the product accordingly. Once they have subscribed to your product notification, a notification automatically buzzes on their phones, updating them about the product refill. Moreover, for a better understanding of the customer, you can replace Add to cart’ with “subscribe option.” The best part of Magento 2 out of stock notification you also get the alert once a customer shows interest in your products.

This Magento extension makes things easy for you. It sets you free from the hideout of stock configurable products. Instead, you can opt for the subscribe button available on the product page to get notified of stock availability. Hence, it will make your potential customer stay for longer, reducing the bounce rate when the product is not available.

Key Features

  • Users can quickly get updates of the out of the products
  • You have the list of potential customers subscribing your products
  • Admins get new subscriptions or low in-stock alerts automatically
  • A potential customer is enabled to manage the product subscribed in his account
  • In the analytics dashboard, it displays out of stock requests
  • Show a compulsory GDPR compliance checkbox
  • An out of stock subscription keeps the customers notified
  • Default email template for stock refills notifications
  • The number of subscribers count helps in managing inventory
  • Automate product stock alert email to buyers about stock availability
  • Replaces “add to cart” button with “Subscribe” button

Potential buyers can subscribe for Magento 2 out of the stock notification

You don’t want to see your customers leaving the website by not buying a single product. Magento 2 extension helps the user to keep the customers updated about the products they are interested in and inform them as soon as about it once it is back in stock. Buyers can buy an easily configurable product out of stock through the alerts.

Automatic product low in-stock alerts for the owner

It alerts customers about the product back in stock and alerts admin when the products are low in stock. This helps the store admin to keep the inventory of the products. He doesn’t need to hide out of stock configurable products. The notification is set on a definite number.

 Auto alerts of stock updates to the subscriber

The Magento 2 extension notifies the subscribers through the email as soon as you get the product back in stock, which the customer had subscribed for. They get to know the stock availability to make the purchase.

Manage Stock Requests are managed in a grid

The show out of configurable stock products gets more comfortable for the admin that he can easily manage and track in the admin panel. This extension shows that all the products subscribed in a single grid with the number and date of subscription and customers waiting for stock availability.

Customers can smoothly manage their subscriptions

The subscription under customer accounts is easily manageable. He can subscribe to unsubscribing it within a click from his account.

Adds subscribe button

When the product is out of stock, then the customer can opt for the subscribe button rather than out of the stock button. This way, you will not lose the customers, and the user can also buy the product they are looking for.

 Notification through email

Add the email of the store admin or the representative to entertain customer replies that are done in connection with out of the stock products.

Magento 2 extension is the best thing you can own is an eCommerce store owner, as it will keep you updated with all the activities going on in your store and make the task easier.

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