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5 Benefits of Using a Recruitment CRM in Your Hiring Process 

When we come across CRM, we most probably picture a software or technology that helps in managing current and prospective customers. While CRMs were popularized by B2C businesses, the scope of this software has expanded to include several applications; an instance is its use for recruitment processes. As we will learn in this article, this software can also be used to simplify recruitment across various industries.  

Finding and hiring top talent following traditional processes often comes with a lot of challenges. Among other downsides, it is time-consuming and can be costly too. Recruitment CRMs, on the other hand, have proven to be the more efficient method over the last few years.

What is a Recruitment CRM?

It is a cloud-based software program that helps recruiters manage candidate relationships. They not only simplify the hiring process but also help to build relationships with potential candidates even before there is a job opening to be filled. As a matter of fact, 94% of hiring managers say that the software has positively impacted their hiring process. This is only one of many  recruitment statistics every HR professional should know.

Recruitment software handles all hiring and staffing processes, stores valuable candidate data, and converts this data to information that can be used to make the most accurate hiring decision. Let’s now get into some of the specific reasons why you might want to upgrade from traditional hiring processes to sophisticated and efficient software.

Candidate Sourcing is Simplified

Recruiters reach potential employees in the job market through candidate sourcing. However, as we mentioned earlier, this process is often tedious, requiring a lot of hours spent crawling the web. The software tracks data online that points to those platforms where the majority of candidates can be found. These platforms could also include social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Some recruitment CRM allow hiring managers to build a career portal page on their website that updates candidates as positions open up. What’s even more interesting is that this software also forms a candidate pool that can be visited in the future to find the most qualified candidates to fill up openings.

Helpful Features

The value a candidate relationship management software provides often varies depending on several factors, most notably, price packages. Cloud-based CRMs are typically SaaS products that are paid for via subscription. Usually, companies break down their product offering into packages to cater to several clients. The more expensive packages tend to offer the best features and vice versa.

That said, you’ll find that even the cheapest CRM packages come with features that outperform traditional processes by leaps and bounds. Some of these basic features include screening resumes and scheduling interviews. Other advanced features that you’ll probably find in more expensive packages are candidate background checks, analytics, and so on.

 Game-Changing Analytics

These CRMs are intelligent software that study patterns and data, and present this data as information that generates insights. For us humans, it is practically impossible to do stuff like this. And that’s where technology comes in handy. The recruitment CRM tracks metrics such as applicants-per-opening, time to fill an open position, application-filling time, and so on. 

So, for example, you can make improvements to an application if it is mostly incomplete. What an application is repeatedly never completed by most candidates, it could either mean it is too hard to understand or too lengthy. In fact, about 60% of candidates don’t finish lengthy applications. Click here to learn more. 

Improved Chances of Better Referrals 

A study reports that 81% of candidates share their positive recruitment experience with their peers and family and about 51% go on to share this experience on social media. We can assume that those with a bad experience will also share it with their peers and family. 

Hiring managers can drastically improve the hiring experience for applicants with the engaging and user-friendly features of the CRM. With the help of the software, you would likely be hiring the best candidates. Since employees often form social networks with those on similar levels and with similar skill sets, your chances of being referred to such high-quality networks increases significantly. 

Facilitates Mobile Recruitment 

Most job seekers nowadays fill out applications on their mobile phones except explicitly stated on the application that it be done on a desktop or laptop. It may interest you to know that more than 1 billion job searches are done monthly through mobile phones. This is a good thing as some of this recruitment software have mobile-friendly interfaces that job seekers can interact with and easily apply for jobs. Visit https://www.tracker-rms.com/recruitment-crm-software/ to learn more. 

Final Thoughts 

The benefits of installing this software are numerous. As we mentioned above, hiring managers that have used candidate relationship management software attest to the significant improvements it made to their hiring process.

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