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Why Do MSPs Need A Better E-Signature Solution?

Managed service providers need e-signature platforms to collect legally-binding signatures for businesses and clients. The platforms offer encryption and secured socket layers for customers to enter their signatures on different documents. The speed and efficiency of the e-signature platforms shouldn’t cause complications, and clients should receive signed copies in a short time. Reading about better e-signature solutions shows MSPs what options are available to them.  

A Secure Way to Get Signatures 

E-signature services require the client’s email address, and the business owner connects the email address to their platform. The e-signature platform sends an email to the client to connect them to the company’s service provider. The client clicks the link, and the link redirects them to a website on the platform that asks specific questions to verify their identity.

Once the client answers the questions, the link sends them to the e-signature page, where they type in their name, and the system generates a signature on the documents. Next, the client submits the signed document through the platform, and the company receives a signed copy for their records. Need electronic signature services? Visit mSign for further details and rates. 

Easier to Acquire Documents From Anywhere

Businesses save money on travel expenses when using e-signature platforms since they don’t have to travel to the client’s location. There aren’t delays or long waits for the client to come to the business location, and everyone gets their copies of the contracts quickly. The services open the doors to overseas business operations and clients who make the company more profitable. Since the service uses email accounts, the company might get the signature within a few minutes instead of several weeks.  

Authentication and Verification for User

Authentication and verification for the user are critical for businesses that need a binding signature for contracts and service agreements. E-signature platforms send questions to clients that only they would know to verify their identity. The answers to these questions are verified before the company accepts the e-signature. The email account is authenticated when the platform sends the link to the client to ensure that the link isn’t sent to the wrong party.  

Real-Time Alerts When Signature Has Been Received

E-signature platforms send the company real-time alerts when the client’s signature is ready for view and the company moves to the next step of business operations. The e-signature platforms give the business a faster way to acquire signed contracts, and they get started on new services for clients. The business owner knows the exact minute that the documents are available, and they receive these alerts on any device connected to the services. The services are convenient for business owners and workers who travel to complete work tasks.   

Access to Services On Any Device

The e-signature platform is available on any device connected to the services, and business owners can send the link to clients from these devices or get updates. Clients can use their smartphone, tablet, or computer to respond to the email and apply their e-signature to the documents.  

Managed service providers offer a number of services to clients and give the customers fast results. E-signatures are a must for any business that enters into contracts with customers nationwide or internationally. With e-signatures, companies get a legally binding document that enforces all the terms included in the contract. Want to learn more about e-signature services? Contact an MSP now.  

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