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The importance of lowering emissions on the road as a business or large fleet owner

Over the past couple of years there has been a large amount of covering across a number of news platforms surrounding the VW emissions scandal. The motor group performed a ‘fix’ on thousands of their vehicles following a manufacturing discrepancy which led to dangerous incidents including drivers’ engines cutting out at 70mph on the motorway. Many of these VW customers have now put in a VW emissions claim but in light of the scandal, we wanted to offer some advice on lowering pollution on the roads, particularly for business owners or those managing large vehicle fleets.

Although EU legislations are putting new rules into action which require the automotive industry to meet strict emissions targets, there is a lot we could be doing as road-users to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. The industry is making great headway – with the car targets for 2015 and van targets for 2017 already being met back in 2013.

Here’s WHY it’s so important that we make a personal effort to start trying to lower our emissions on the roads as business owners:

  • Reducing the amount of CO2 being pumped into the air will improve the health of the general public and also help hinder the greenhouse effect.
  • Taking measures to lower emissions will also contribute to decreasing the volume of Nitrogen Oxide which is polluting the atmosphere and damaging nature and health.
  • Aside from the obvious aforementioned environmental benefits, lowering emissions can also help generate massive financial savings. According to research, a car or van fleet of around 100 vehicles would be able to recuperate up to £90,000 a year by implementing green policies.
  • For a business that deals with deliveries or have a fleet of vehicles that are often on the road, reducing emissions is also great for brand image. Demonstrating an environmental conscience inspires trust in customers and clients as well as improving the atmosphere.

Here’s HOW we can start being more responsible when out on the roads in order to be kinder to our fragile environment:

  • The easiest and most obvious suggestion is to use your own private vehicle less. Making the effort to travel via public transport, cycle or walk to your destinations a couple of times a week is a great way to reduce the emissions into our roads and air.
  • If travelling by car or van everyday isn’t avoidable and a significant element of your job or business, then you could think about investing in a fleet of low emission vehicles.
  • Try and use low-duty vehicles such as cars and vans where possible and avoid heavy-duty vehicles which are currently responsible for around 25% of CO2 emissions from road transport. Heavy-duty vehicles include things like buses, trucks and lorry.

Do you have some of your own tips and advice you’d like to share on the importance of lowering emissions or how you can be more responsible as a business owner on the roads? Come and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

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