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Passing your Exam

When preparing for UCAT, it is always essential to use different forms of revision and questions. If you’re tired of going through the questions alone and them not being drilled into your head over time – try asking a friend to help test you, answering the questions together with a lot more explanation when consulting with each other about the type of topical question you’re asking – it also makes revision more fun and interesting.

Sticking to a study routine doesn’t just help you revise more efficiently, but also is beneficial to your mental and physical health, getting in the correct mindset – it doesn’t help feeling out of control with the revision process. Making sure you have enough food and water Is a crucial and important part of revision, as water enhances the mental function to intake

information, when your brain is 75% H20! – water is an important fluid to absorbing content.

 Managing your time routine more efficiently helps the panicky process of your revision. Create a time plan for each question, It’s ok! If you’re struggling on a particular question, make a knowledgeable guess, which would be crucial to your allocated time plan. Adding various mock UCAT exams to your routine can boost your revision, and of course… help towards passing your exam – which is the main goal out of the constant revision.

For correct techniques and tips towards UCAT Verbal – make a schedule of reading newspapers, if you aren’t the biggest fan of current news, try science magazines.  For UCAT Quantitative – review four basic functions; Addiction, subtraction, multiplication and division (as well as fractions, ratios and percentages). UCAT Abstract, would be practising and familiarising yourself with the types of patterns that are found on the test. This should help you develop strategies to identify these patterns.

Mentioning more on time management from paragraph three, with tips regarding UCAT Decision Analysis – a quick heads up! Don’t use prep material from the old 2016 UCAT as that information is no longer relevant. It is important to use your time wisely as each question provides different data, you will only get 60 seconds per question. When timing your test duration, you must notice that you will have to answer two or more questions per minute. Train your timing before the actual exam to make sure you have answering questions quickly and accurately.

As situation judgement is a lot of debating and discussions over each scenario, although there is one ‘correct’ answer to each question. SJT section you are also awarded marks for a close ‘correct’ answer – which is beneficial.

To finish, on the day of the exam depending on the time you have chosen to take the test (If you are a morning person or not) – It’s best to take the exam mid-day/ afternoon as you can get in that extra revision. Read every question calmly during the test. If you’re not sure on a question or don’t understand it, flag it and move on. You can come back to it later.

Good luck!

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