It is an obvious fact that none of us wishes to meet situations like a car accident or vehicle collision. But what to do if we, unfortunately, get into one? In the minutes post a car accident, it becomes difficult to think clearly. You cannot think of what is necessary to protect yourself, other passengers with you, and other drivers on the scene.

Overwhelmed with the trauma, many drivers make mistakes that restrict their right to receive vehicle insurance agencies’ compensation.

We have assembled a list of necessary steps to take at the accident site and days following the incident. You can also bookmark this checklist or get yourself a print if any unexpected event occurs or you find yourself facing a vehicle crash.

  1. Ensure Safety of the People around You

The first thing to do is to make sure everyone around you involved in the unfortunate incident is safe. Here is what you should do:

  • Get out of your vehicle immediately if possible and turn on the emergency flashlights.
  • If the accident is not a minor incident, or people sustain injuries, call to get an ambulance at the scene. Inform the police department as soon as you can. Even if the accident was not fatal, you should inform the police to get a police report.
  • Do not call the emergency police hotline for minor accidents. Instead, dial the non-emergency number.
  • If the hazard lights in your vehicle are working, turn them on to make other drivers aware of the problem.
  • Do not leave the accident site until law enforcement permits you.
  1. Call an Attorney

After you have informed the police, you might need an experienced attorney if the accident was significant and anybody got injured in the incident.

An attorney would figure out ways to maximize your recovery if you have received injuries or defend you if you are at fault. Many accident injury attorneys accept a contingency fee. It means that your lawyer will only charge a fee if you are compensated for the damages or receive a settlement. People who experience vehicle accidents in Denver can approach the attorney for quick and reliable help. For accurate information, you should consult an experienced personal injury attorney in the Denver areatoseek guidance.

A personal injury attorney may help you collect evidence to support your claims. It may include acquiring any police or incident report. They will also track down any witnesses to the incident to get witness statements and may also retain evidence for the case.

  1. Inform Your Insurance Company

Immediately inform your insurance company that you have met an accident. Be cooperative with them and explain the truth about what happened, how the accident took place, and to what extent you suffered injuries. Clarify the facts thoroughly and provide them all the sufficient information.

If the insurance agency finds out that you have hidden the facts or lied to them about anything, you may get into serious trouble. It also includes likely denial of compensation for the accident and, in some cases, legal action. Get access to any police report filed and review it, identify and point out who violated what traffic laws or who was guilty of causing the accident.

  1. Get Proper Medical Attention

If you donot feel the need to get an emergency medical treatment, see a doctor right away, even if you have minor injuries. There is a possibility of underlying medical issues that need medical attention, and they should be addressed timely. Even if you have small scratches on your body, a medical evaluation will help identify if there is an internal injury or not. There are several instances where accident victims did not seek medical help and later found out that they had an internal injury. So, to avoid such unfortunate situations, it is best to consult a doctor.

Many people try to act tough and think that minor injuries are not something to worry about, but this may worsen. Usually, when you inform the police of an accident, they come along with an ambulance and medical staff. At times, the police may arrive alone if the situation does not seem too severe. Thus, it is advisable to visit the doctor at your earliest if the medical team was not called at the incident. Your health should be your topmost priority, and you should seek immediate medical care.

  1. Seek Therapy

An accident can be a stressful and traumatic experience for people of all ages. Our family and friends can comfort us and come to our aid, but getting rid of stress is difficult. Many people are hesitant to seek the help of professionals to relieve post-traumatic stress. Although it can cost a bit, it is always wise to seek expert help to avoid future repercussions. A therapist will help you overcome the anxiety that you are carrying after the incident took place. It is normal to feel out of place after encountering such an event; no one comes out of road accidents stress-free, even if they are minor. Therefore, only a professional will assist you in regaining your mental well-being and overcoming any anxiety. Many people who are reluctant to seek therapy, later on, feel that their stress has aggravated. Thus, it is best to share your experience with a professional psychiatrist and guide you towards recovery.


Nobody wants to experience incidents like road accidents, but several people fall victim to it. Responsible driving and careful observation of the traffic laws can save us from many unwanted events. However, life is full of unexpected events, and we should prepare ourselves for unforeseen circumstances. Remember, a car crash can have on-going effects, and you might have to face situations after the initial impact. Therefore, if you seek the law’s help, claim insurance, and approach professional therapists, the process can be less devastating. Take the necessary measures in time after an accident to protect your rights, so you are better prepared if any legal actions arise.

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