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Marketing Techniques in the Broadband Industry

Marketing has their hands full for sure. When marketers were lost because consumers no longer want to be swayed by simple advertising, it was also a time for Marketers to evolve, improve their gears and start listening instead of dictating.

But everybody must admit. Although marketing needs the science to contribute to bottomline, it is their creative side that converts these data to something palatable to the consumer. Consumers don’t need the jargon or complications, they need brands that speak their language at the channel that they prefer.

At the centre of consumers’ preference for control is their need for a connected life. If we take a look at Marketing creativity, the broadband industry is in the middle of it. The connected life is a must for consumers so carriers need to beef up their offers to meet that need. Let’s look at some enticing bundles.

1. Cable plus data–It’s not surprising to have cable bundled with broadband, after all the appearance of smart TVs make it logical to do so.

2. Power plus data – Aside from cable, other companies with different products come up with bundles that hit cross market segments. An example is the combining of electricity with broadband as done by various providers. By doing so, these companies tap into niche markets untouched by its competitors such as rural areas that has the advantage of National Broadband. In addition, multi-services have other reasons to call for prospecting other than broadband. Energy is an important utility and adding broadband as part of a bundle is an enticing offer for consumers who do not want the hassles of handling multiple service providers.

3. Landline plus data – The landline plus data is the oldest trick in the book. Because phone lines use copper lines, broadband also utilizes the same line to deploy data services. This is probably the most saturated segment among all broadband market segments.

4. Geo offers–Some companies have all the luck – or the infrastructure to offer broadband to rural areas where others cannot. Other than expanding infrastructure, some ISPs prefer to focus on a specific location creating bundles that are only available to a specific geographic area.

5. Applications plus data–Using applications as a come-on gives ISPs opportunities to highlight features other than connection speed. Subscribers have favourite apps that they constantly use, so using these as part of the bundle make the impression that they’re saving or getting more value out of their broadband subscriptions.

6. Wired plus wireless–In other geographies, they have taken to bundling their wired and wireless broadband together. If users subscribe to their wired plan, they get a free prepaid pocket WIFI. This entices users, especially the millennials who practically live online.

7. Data for gamers – Gamers have a different set of needs. Besides an ultra-fast connection, they use the internet heavily to play online games. But getting an ultra-fast connection seem undervalued, so creating a bundle that’s made for their needs is what attracts this particular niche. Consumers that are a part of this segment are savvier than the rest of the subscribers. Bundling a high-end router, gaming gears or a special price point for their data usage might attract them.

8. Content providers plus data–Netflix is abuzz! YouTube has introduced streaming, so did Facebook. And consumers can’t get enough of it. Instead of going out to watch a movie, consumers now have an option to just purchase movies on Netflix. It’s an addiction that ISPs take advantage of and position themselves as more than connection providers but content providers as well. It’s a good strategy considering consumer behaviour.

Marketing Opportunities

With more than a hundred ISPs to choose from in Australia and New Zealand, it’s Marketing’s job to rise above the competition every time. But this is Marketing’s turf anyway, to be as creative as possible making way for innovative campaigns that bring in the right ROI. There are quite a number of broadband plans out there. There simply can be no limits to creativity.

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