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Importance Of Secure Comms In A Business

Communication is the driving force behind a business and ensures the daily operations run as smoothly as possible. However, you do need to ensure that it’s also managed safely. Secure communication is essential and necessary when dealing with sensitive data. More businesses nowadays are taking a more digital approach to the way that they work too, so even more security needs to be considered. Keep reading to find out more on the importance of secure communication in any business.

Prevent Cybercrime

One of the main reasons that secure communication is important, is that it can stop your business from being targeted by hackers. Cybercrime is continuously rising, so you need to be prepared. Prevention is always best and by installing secure software or having encrypted data, you can hopefully stop cybercriminals from successfully attacking your business. Without security, you’ll become an easy target and you’ll find it hard to recover from some of the devastating tactics that they employ.     

Adhere To Regulations

There’s a growing list of data protection regulations that you must adhere to as a business. In order to follow these, you must ensure that your communication is secure. Compliance with such regulations is mandatory and you could face hefty fines for breaching them or not following them exactly. GDPR is one of the most common ones you’ll have heard of and the penalties for breaking it can be impossible for your business to recover from. By following these regulations, not only are you protecting the data, but you’re also protecting yourself and your business.   

Remote Access

A lot of companies have taken to the remote working approach even after lockdown restrictions were lifted. However, remote working means that you need to ensure that employees can access what they need securely. Employees may need to be trained on the new methods of communication and how to keep their work restricted, so it’s important that you implement any new systems carefully and provide thorough training. A tiny error can cause a large problem and leave your business vulnerable to data breaches or cyber-attacks.  

Protect The Data

When you’re communicating with your colleagues via messaging platforms at work, do you consider the type of information you’re sending? If the platform being used isn’t secure or encrypted, you could be unintentionally causing a data leak or breaking data protection laws. Similarly, if you send a file to the wrong person and they’re able to open it and view what’s inside, this could be considered a data leak. You have to take great care when working with data, but you also need to ensure that what you’re working with provides you with a method of secure communication. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how careful you are. If the communication platform is easily breached and accessed by others, you’ll never be able to protect the data 100%. 

Accidental Sharing

Similar to the above, sharing data at work needs to be done securely and properly. Sending an email that contains sensitive data can easily fall into the wrong hands and have disastrous effects. Having secure communication will mean that it’s a lot harder for data to be shared accidentally and will allow you to feel safe in the knowledge that you’re doing the best you can to protect it.  

Maintain Productivity 

Data breaches and leaks can disrupt daily operations to no end, so working to eliminate their possibilities is important. Downtime is something that you really want to avoid, so implementing secure communication tools is a great way to do this. Internal communication is extremely important when running a business, and without it, the cracks will start to form. By allowing employees to easily communicate without the worry of breaching regulations, they’ll feel reassured that they can do their job well and maintain a high level of productivity.  

Customer Trust

Not only is secure communication important to the inside of your business, but customers will also want to ensure that their data is being handled correctly too. Your customers will look to you for a good product or service, but they’ll also want to feel that you’re a trustworthy business that will protect their data and use it carefully. A lot of companies that have experienced large data leaks or breaches have found it hard to recover because the public is unable to trust them moving forward. 

Employee Information 

Customer information and data are important and must be protected, but so must your employee’s. HR systems contain a lot of personal details that could lead to a whole load of problems if they’re leaked. If you counted up how many employees’ home addresses you have, that shows you one tiny portion of the sensitive data you hold that needs to be protected. You’ll also have their bank details in order to pay them their wages, and bank details are like gold dust to cybercriminals. That’s why you need to think about every little piece of data you have in your business, not just the ones people see.    

Providing your employees with secure methods of communication is one of the best ways to ensure they can do their job efficiently and without running into any potential problems. It also makes it easy for them to abide by data-protection laws too and they won’t have to second guess if they’re consistently working diligently. If you haven’t implemented secure communication tools or you haven’t audited yours in a while, now is the time to do so. Keeping on top of your business security is just as important as everything else, if not more so.     

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