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How to Freshen up a Smelly Car

Have you ever jumped in a car and the first thing you notice is a lingering foul smell?

Few would deny that a smelly car creates an unpleasant experience for everyone who enters. But there are simple and effective strategies to counteract this problem.

Continue reading to learn how to remove bad odors from your car.

Air Freshener

Where better to begin than the most tried and tested method? High-quality car air fresheners are often enough to give your vehicle a fresh and improved scent. They emit a pleasant fragrance that spreads throughout the car.

There are many options when it comes to odor eliminators for cars, but we strongly recommend choosing something natural to avoid harmful toxins. A much safer and healthier decision is to opt for a car-specific freshener instead of a home air freshener.

Air fresheners are a simple and economical way to deal with foul odors, but there are other methods for those wondering how to get rid of smells in your car.


Often found in dental and beauty products, activated charcoal has become a popular trend in recent years. Historically, it’s been used in emergency medicine to treat drug overdoses and poisonings.

Many people use charcoal in their cars because it’s a natural element that is believed to absorb odors and pollutants in the air naturally. Place a chunk of charcoal in your car under the seats or in the glove box. Baking soda is another effective natural substance that will absorb odors from carpet and upholstery.


Vacuuming everything in your car can help eliminate odor-causing dust, dirt, and bacteria. A regular thorough clean with a vacuum can rid your vehicle of odors that are trapped in the fabric.

And a vacuum with a hose can reach all types of small crevices to remove anything that may be causing odors. Be sure to take your time going over all the upholstery, carpet, and ceiling fabric.

A good and thorough clean may help you pinpoint the odor to a single problem area, and then you can attack it with either baking soda or a carpet cleaner.

Professional Cleaning

If you’ve tried all these methods with limited results, it may be time to get a professional cleaning done. They’ll have heavy-duty products, tools, and cleaning materials to provide a treatment that can completely neutralize foul odors.

No One Should Have to Live With a Smelly Car

A clean car is a happy car. And a happy car is more likely to carry happy passengers.

Make your smelly car a thing of the past with these simple methods to eliminate bad odors. To maintain a pleasant-smelling car, vacuum regularly, keeps trash inside to an absolute minimum, and invest in a natural car freshener.

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