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Home or Away? Where’s Best to Start Your Business

When you start your business, one of the first things you will be tasked with is setting up your working space. Do you work from home or from an office? Which is most economically feasible? Where will you get your office interiors?

Working From Home

Financially working from home may make the most sense. It’s not just rent you would save on but interiors too, if you already have office space you and don’t require anything more than a laptop then you may be ready to go. Although sometimes it’s not that easy and there may be other things you want to consider, here’s our pros and cons list:

The pros of working from home

  • Flexi time, all the time – working from home will ensure you can work at any time, from anywhere, giving you control and flexibility.
  • Office wear – you don’t have to wear office attire when working from home, in fact, you can stay in your comfy clothes all day if you choose to.
  • No commute–saving you both time and money working from home means there’s no commute.
  • Minimum cost – locating and decorating your office space can be expensive, so working from home could save you a pretty penny.

The cons of working from home

  • The distractions – from the TV to the kids there are distractions around every corner, self-discipline is key!
  • Anti-social – when the home is empty you must rely on yourself for a company, and this can get lonely.
  • There’s no escape – you work from home, sleep at home and chill out at home, but where’s your getaway.
  • Time management – although you can work whenever you want, make sure you’re not over worked, manage your time effectively.

Working in an Office

It may be more expensive and sometimes a long commute but working in an office space may be just what you need. Separating your work and home life and providing you with a place to escape, we’re now looking at the pros and cons of starting your business with an office space:

The pros of working in an office

  • Future Proof – if you are planning to employ a team then working in an office may be just what you need.
  • Creative space – you can make the space what you want and use it to inspire you every day.
  • Away From Home – you have a separate work and home space.
  • Perception – having your own office space can give out a positive perception, that your company is doing well, and it is larger than it really is.

The cons of working in an office

  • Time and money – finding the right location and decorating can be a financial drain, so be wise when searching.
  • The commute – you must drive/walk to your work place every day.
  • The sedentary lifestyle – sat at a desk all-day can be irritating, straining your neck and back. Whilst working from home will allow you to work from anywhere.
  • Monotonous – being in the same place day in and day out can become very dull and uninspiring.

It’s not just the pros and cons you must consider, when starting a business you have to think about where your business is heading. Will you be employing more staff? Will clients be visiting? What equipment will you require? Do you need to keep stock?

If you decide to find yourself an office space the take a look at F@W reception desks for your decorating needs! If you need more advise on choosing your working environment then this latest video ‘Office Joys’ may be useful.

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