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Eight modern careers created by computer science

Experience in computer science is a good way to get ahead in almost any career path, with computing and technology now a major part of many traditional careers. However, computer science has done more for the world of work than transform established professions. There are also many careers available today that would not even exist without computer scientists and the advances they have made in this field. Eight of these careers are discussed below.

Software developer

Software developer is one of the most popular careers for computer science majors, and it is a profession that continues to grow rapidly with increased demand for qualified professionals. The role of the software developer is to create the programs that allow specific tasks to be carried out on computers and mobile devices. Good software developers are creative with the ability to think outside the box when problem solving, while also having a high level of fluency in computer languages.

Cyber security

Technological advances have transformed every aspect of our lives, and in many cases for the better. However, alongside this, new kinds of criminal activity have emerged. Cyber security is an area of concern for every business, organization and government, with the results of a security breach ranging from embarrassing to catastrophic. As a result, there are many jobs in cyber security, such as information security officer and information security analyst. Responsibilities include setting up systems to prevent problems and analyzing trends to anticipate what problems are likely to arise. In the event of a breach, these professionals will need to use quick thinking and problem-solving skills to investigate the problem and make repairs, while learning from it to prevent similar problems in the future.

If a job in this field interests you, then it is worth making sure that cyber security is a part of any qualifications you gain. For those who hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field such as engineering, mathematics and physics, a good option can be found in the computer science master’s degree at Baylor University. Baylor’s online CS degree has a data science track and a software engineering track, with cyber security as a core elective available for both tracks. This allows you to gain skills in this area that can help pave the way for a career in cyber security or to help you understand the concepts in any tech career.

Database administrator and data scientist

Today, data is produced at a phenomenal rate, and understanding the data is key to decision-making in businesses and organizations. Database administrators need to evaluate the data needs of users and organize systems to facilitate access. If these systems malfunction, they will need to be able to repair and improve them.

Data scientists collect, analyze and interpret data, helping to understand trends and changes that might affect how a business or organization operates, from looking at who marketing campaigns need to target to monitoring employees’ performance and workplace practices.

Web and app developers

Web and app developers are responsible for creating all of the sites, programs and apps that we take for granted on our PCs, laptops, phones, tablets and other mobile devices. You only have to consider the vast array of them to understand the huge size of this sector. Web and app developers’ expertise lies in creating, coding and then testing websites, programs and applications to make them easy to access and use. A good knowledge of coding languages is essential for this type of work.

Computer hardware engineer

Computers have come a long way in the last 50 years and the rate of advance is showing no signs of standing still. This is in part thanks to computer hardware engineers, who are responsible for designing and developing computer components such as circuit boards, memory devices and routers. Computer hardware engineers need to be patient. There is a vast amount of testing in the job – testing often needs to be done multiple times before the design is right and can progress to the next stage. Requiring both technical and creative skills, the computer hardware engineer also needs to be committed to lifelong learning as they stay abreast of the latest trends and developments.

IT project manager

An IT project manager is in charge of the IT projects and initiatives of a company or organization. They need to have good leadership skills as they manage and coordinate teams of IT employees through the stages of planning and implementing IT projects. The IT project manager role ranges beyond technical abilities to include hiring employees and managing budgets, so it is a position that brings together an array of skills.

AI engineer

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new area created by computer science that is rapidly gaining pace. Once purely the stuff of science fiction, AI is now being used across a wide variety of sectors. The role of the AI engineer is to create and develop computer systems that aim to mimic human intelligence in that system. They are also responsible for testing these systems throughout their development. Ideal for those skilled in programming and statistics, an AI engineer role will take you to the cutting edge of technology.

Video game developer

The gaming industry is huge and ranges from quick games that can be played on a smart device to the multilayered, multiplayer console games that people might play for years. Video game developers need to have exceptional coding abilities to create the worlds in which the games take place, but they will also need to be creatives with a keen storytelling streak and the ability to visualize how it will appear on the screen.


These are just some of the careers that computer science qualifications open up. These jobs generally have competitive salaries and good long-term job security, as many are growth areas with companies always on the lookout for good computer scientists. If you are starting out in your career or are looking for a change, a computer science degree is well worth pursuing with the career options available to suit many different skills. Although it is impossible to see how the tech world will develop, it is a certainty that diverse career opportunities are only going to increase.

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