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Difficult Person Test (DPT) – Seven Elements Which Determines Your Personality

Difficult Person Test

Is people in our life seems difficult to dealt with?

We must have come across peoples who have been so harsh on other people sometimes in their workplaces or home or public places. 

They seem fishy, weird sometimes and angry all the time. This test is only meant for people who always experience some kind of agitation and anger in them.

The average result of the test show how difficult person you are!

What DPT means? 

The difficult person test was the first test which was found by Chelsea sleep and her colleagues for educational purpose.

This test describes a person whether he/she is difficult person to handled by others or not

Quite weird. The universe has billions of peoples and has different type of characters and personality.

What are the seven elements which describes a person is difficult to handle with or not?

  • Callousness
  • Grandiosity
  • Domineering
  • Manipulation
  • Suspicious
  • Risk- taking 
  • Aggression



Where difficult person test was found?

The IDR-DPT: Difficult Person Test was first founded and developed by IDR labs based on the work of Dr. sleep and her colleagues in the “Georgia university” for the research purpose and researched the structure of antagonism.

Is difficult person test accurate?

No, the test isn’t accurate. 

But it can specific whether a person is difficult or not by making the person to attend the difficult person test which consists of 35 questions(quizzes).

The difficult person test helps us to know more about yourself and how one treating the others

This test has become so popular in recent times in Facebook, Twitter and other social medias too.

Here are 35 questions to check how difficult person you are.

  • I get angry more frequently than most people I know.
  • Other people’s emotions are their problem, not mine.
  • Others have told me I am a hothead.
  • I avoid direct conflict with people who may be useful to me in the future.
  • Others consider my lifestyle wild and exciting.
  • I sometimes get into dangerous situations.
  • People purposefully do and say things to upset me.
  • I don’t really care if I offend others.
  • I think about hurting and/or humiliating people who annoy me.
  • I often find myself saying and doing things without stopping to think.
  • I feel that I am more special than others.
  • I often feel suspicious of people, even after they’ve acted loyally toward me.
  • I look down on people who unwisely share their secrets.
  • I monitor my romantic partner, friends, and/or family members intensely to find out who is being disloyal.
  • I hold grudges.
  • I get angry when something blocks my plans.
  • Others should pay special attention to me.
  • People who don’t do as I say need to be criticized.
  • I often hesitate to confide in others.
  • People do what I want them to because they are afraid of me.
  • I only obey those laws and rules that seem sensible to me.
  • I exploit others toward my own ends.
  • I keep track of sensitive information that can be used to hurt people at a later time.
  • Generally speaking, I am a superior person.
  • I am a unique individual who deserves special treatment.
  • I enjoy coming out on top after humiliating others.
  • I am someone who deserves great recognition and success.
  • I like telling people what to do.
  • I have often been described as cold or uncaring.
  • People sometimes bother me just by being around me.
  • I usually don’t help others unless there is something in it for me.
  • Most people are lazy and don’t work hard unless they have to.
  • I can get pretty angry when others disagree with me.

The final results looks like this:

I took the difficult person test online in IDR-DPT test in the official website of IDRlabs. The results comes in the form of percentage.

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