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Cat6A 10G System Application

Today, Category 5e systems will continue to be used in home wiring and small business units with low requirements. For medium and large enterprise office areas, Category 6 unshielded systems are mostly used. Cat.6A wiring systems are used in traditional office wiring. However, there are many 10GBASE-T + Cat.6A cabling systems (shielding) used in the data center. According to the standards in the construction of the equipment room, it is recommended to use a cabling system with a level of 6 or above. Category 6A cabling system is recommended.

For office terminals, there are almost no 10 Gigabit network cards used in general terminal computers and notebooks: first, the price is too expensive, and second, the demand is not so high. Therefore, for wiring in the office area, it is recommended to use the Cat.6A wiring system to meet the needs of daily office and Internet access.

The data center is the core and most important part of the entire building or an enterprise. The data center generally consists of switching equipment, server equipment, wiring equipment, storage equipment, etc. It is oriented to external network users and enterprise users. Therefore, better hardware equipment is needed to support functions such as large-scale storage, mail service, external network access, and network video surveillance. Therefore, it is recommended that users promote 10GBASE-T optical modules with Cat.6A cabling systems in the construction of data centers.

The use density of data center cabinets and patch panels is high, and maintenance is fast and convenient. The use of Cat.6A cabling system patch panels can maintain and detect a single port at the front, which can avoid link maintenance behind the cabinet. . At the same time, the patch panel is backward compatible, supports Category 5e, Category 6, shielded and unshielded systems, and can also distinguish various networks according to the color of the jacket.

The transmission performance of Cat.6A unshielded and shielded cables exceeds the requirements of ANSI/TIA 568C.2 Cat.6A and ISO/IEC 11801 Class EA test standards; unshielded cables increase the thickness of the cable sheath and use a king-shaped skeleton. The shielded cable adopts a 360° full shielding design, and all-around end-to-end shielding system, and an excellent grounding design, which can largely prevent signal leakage and interference. The central cross-separated design provides more stable performance and cable support; the “6-pack-1” alien crosstalk test of the unshielded Cat.6A system exceeds the standard requirements, providing excellent performance for the data center 10G transmission and high-density applications.

Cat.6A class 10 Gigabit shielding module ensures sufficient margin for bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio; Keystone card connection is highly versatile; 360° all-metal shell shielding design ensures excellent EMC performance. Cat.6A class 10 Gigabit unshielded module back-end sheath is isolated in one word to ensure the margin of bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio. The unique unshielded module and shielded module are designed without special tools, which improves work efficiency during construction; contact pins 50μm gold-plated, corrosion-resistant design; IDC terminal adopts 45° design to ensure reliable cable connection, supporting wire gauge 22~24AWG; the number of insertion and removal times is more than 1000 times, and the number of termination times is more than 250 times.

Cat.6A class 10 Gigabit unshielded/shielded jumper with multi-strand copper soft wire inner core, can withstand repeated bending during use; crystal head reed surface is 50μm gold-plated overall; crystal head-tail is designed with bending tension dredging structure, the jumper is inserted and pulled out more than 1000 times; the cable sheath is LSZH low-smoke halogen-free type. Shielded Cat.6A 10G uses a 360° FTP full shielding design.

Through the above analysis, the data center is the final destination of the Cat.6A category. At the same time, it is hoped that the Cat.6A system can play its due performance role in the construction of the data center, protect the user’s investment more effectively, and facilitate the administrator. Maintain each link.

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