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5 Features of A Good Website Design

In today’s connected and competitive marketplace, a functional website is one of a seller’s most crucial marketing tools. Not only do websites give consumers 24/7 access, but they also provide a point of contact. While every website should be tailored to its parent company’s needs, great ones have several things in common. Here are a few must-have web design features for business owners.

A Clear Message

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, especially when marketing products and services online. The average visitor forms an opinion of a company within just a few seconds, which makes homepage readability and accessibility essential. The first page a customer sees should answer all their questions—and when those answers are simple and easy to understand, visitors are more likely to stick around. With the website design services available at Forefront, we’ll help turn visitors into customers.

Accurate Contact Information

When business owners want to convert web traffic into leads, sales, and profits, gaining customers’ trust is just as important as impressing them with great products and services. Presenting the business’ contact details clearly and fully is essential. NAP data, or the company’s name, address, and phone number, should be prominently displayed.

Effective Design and Simple Navigation

First impressions matter, and nowhere is that more evident than in website design. If a site doesn’t look legitimate and work well, most visitors won’t remain on the page long enough to close the sale. Compelling visual content works to clarify marketing messages in ways that text cannot.

Easy navigation is another critical aspect of good web design. Users have short attention spans, and many become frustrated if they can’t find what they’re looking for right away. A well-designed site that reflects the brand’s messaging doesn’t have to be expensive.

Strong CTAs

Letting customers know about your offerings is one matter but getting them to act is another thing. Calls to action or CTAs come in several forms; completing a purchase, signing up for a free trial, requesting a callback, or downloading a file, to name a few. Knowing what visitors should do next is important, and clear CTAs will move them in the proper direction.

Mobile Responsiveness

Over the past few years, users have tended to choose mobile browsers over desktops and laptops. More than half of customers access sites through tablets and phones, and if those sites don’t load properly, sellers’ marketing opportunities decrease.

During site development, proper testing matters. Well-designed sites respond to a variety of screen sizes, browsers, and devices, helping marketers get the conversions and exposure they deserve. The move toward mobile usage is growing bigger by the day, and a great web designer will help your company keep up.

Bonus: Search Engine Optimization

We’ve saved one of the most important features for last. A functional, attractive website is all but useless if no one sees it! Search engine optimization or SEO, however, will improve a website’s position in search results and get it in front of more potential customers.

Page rank is determined by multiple metrics, but keywords, backlinks, and Google My Business listings are some of the most relevant. While some SEO strategies are largely DIY, most are better left to the experts.

Get Started Today

Today’s businesses are judged largely on the quality of their websites. Is your site designed to attract customers and keep them coming back? If not, let us give them the concise, clear user experience they deserve. Request more information via our contact form or call to get started. 

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