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3 ways that tech can help you with marketing your business

Technology has played a very important role in the business industry in the past couple of decades. The internet, computers, e-mail, smartphones, and other forms of technology have made business transactions across the globe faster and more reliable than they were before. Technology also continues to provide great opportunities for small-sized businesses to establish a global presence for their brands and keep up with their bigger competitors. Aside from the marketing perspective, technology has also helped to improve the organization and the efficiency of businesses in every aspect.

With the rapid development of technology over the past few years, it is also important to update your business with the latest innovations every now and then. Learn more about the top 3 ways that technology can help you with marketing your business.

Boost your brand’s online presence through an informative and user-friendly website.

For small to medium-sized businesses, setting up a website for your business takes you a step ahead of your competitors. Generally, there are four key elements to a successful and effective business website.

  1. First is to provide relevant and credible web page content. Interesting and up-to-date articles are also likely to attract potential clients to visit your website.
  1. An effective business website must also contain compelling CTA or call to action. CTA is a marketing strategy which involves a set of phrases such as “call us now” and “visit our shop today” to encourage an immediate response from the audience.
  1. An excellent graphics design is considered as the heart of every successful business website. Details including the brand logo, color schemes, fonts, theme, and templates must all be taken into account when designing a website.
  1. A sitemap and a functional menu bar will help visitors navigate around the business website more conveniently.

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Keep track of your customers through a CRM software.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an effective platform for small business owners that can be used to gather and analyze customer interactions in order to establish better business and customer relationships, retain existing clients, and generate more sales in the future. With the type of detailed information, businesses will be able to tailor their marketing strategies based on their customers’ preferences and buying habits and to offer excellent customer service in the future. Larger enterprise may find CRM software to be not enough. Marketing teams that work for bigger corporations may benefit from ERP systems instead. These systems are more efficient by making readily available vital data across departments. One such example of this kind of system is NetSuite software.

Increase connectivity through mobile platforms.

Because online consumers use their smartphones more than their computers to connect to the internet, it is always a great idea to invest in a mobile website for your business. With a website optimized for mobile devices, people can now instantly connect to businesses from even remote locations around the world. Mobile technology offers a lot of opportunities for business owners to advertise their brand in mobile applications, to develop their own applications for the benefit of their customers, and to market through text messaging. Aside from advertising, mobile platforms can now be used by consumers to shop products, book reservations, rate goods and services, and to search for local businesses.

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