Android vs ios vs Windows

Imagine you are standing in a smartphone market and you are buying your first smartphone. Obviously,you must be so excited to be the part of the folk who lead the lives through their smartphones or we can say smartphones rule them. So,you must be having a picture in your mind regarding the specifications of the phone you want. It might include awesome camera,good battery life, high resolution display and an

History Aboubt Pokemon Go!

Recently the world has been plagued with a very new kind of epidemic,Pikemania, which is characterised with Pokeballs,backward hats, candy,lucky egg,medals amd a wild Pokemon. The only disease world wants to get is tons and tons of rattata. People all over the world were suddenly seen roaming on the streets,parks and spending freaking much time outside their homes and offices. The reason is even more awesome than the happening itself

Reliance Jio- Jio Apni Zindagi

Quite recently the news has been flooded and the internet as well as the people have been going crazy about an offer!!!! Yes. You got it right. It has been the lots and lots of 4G Internet data with the unimaginable speed of 135 Mbps and the unlimited free voice calls and video calls. Reliance Jio has created a blaze across the country and it has been really an unbelievable

How Travel Gadgets would be Helpful to Us?

Traveling is always a kind of excitement as we may come across many rare things during our trip to one part of the region. Traveling would not be frustrating always. All that depends on the arrangements we do for our traveling. If you are a regular traveler, it would become boring to prepare for all your travels every now and then. The things that we take with us matters a

Role of Google Gadgets in Web Marketing

It is needless to say that internet plays a crucial role in people’s routine. These days, more and more people are starting online business regardless of the type of business. As you all know that, an online business needs effective promotion in order to make the business familiar amongst the public. And now, each and every business is undergoing a huge competition like never before. No matter, either your business