Looking for advertising? Why magazine direct marketing touch points are a smart option

One of the toughest things to do in this highly competitive world we live in is convince someone that your product is better than the other 500 products available on the market. The success of the sale may come down to a number of factors, namely, the convenience of the time the sale was pitched or the desperation of the customer and of course the salesmanship of the salesperson. An effective salesperson does the research well enough to take into consideration the contributing factors that would turn a potential client to a bottom-line contributor. In the same way, advertisers are salespeople whose key objective is to sell a product in a what may be, saturated market. One of the factors they would need to consider to make the sale a success would be which channel they use in order to advertise a product.In field of sales marketing, Magazine ads are one of the most effective ways to advertise and here’s why – High-resolution images Humans are sensory. We like to experience life through our senses, or at least we should. The most used and by far the most important if the other four senses stopped working, is our sense of sight, where we perceive 80 percent of our impressions through sight (sourcehttps://www.zeiss.com/vision-care/int/better-vision/health-prevention/why-good-vision-is-so-important-.html). It should come as no surprise then that advertisers would take advantage of this. High resolution, glossy images with eye-catching colors and backgrounds are the kind of images which are used in print magazines in order to give the reader a close to a factual depiction of the product being advertised. This is something that newspapers fail to achieve. Targeted audience reached Since magazines are designed to reach a very specific niche with a well-thought-out demographic, it facilitates for advertisers interested in that same niche, an opportunity to sell directly to them. And where online images or news is replaced by the latest news, print gives you the advantage of repeat exposure which is ongoing and has the potential of reaching an even larger audience as it circulates from one reader to another. As advertising works by sending messages to the brain to buy a product, repeated exposure to that advert increases the chances of that message being heard. With each magazine copy being a stagnant medium, it provides the reader with the chance to scrutinize and messages endlessly. Ads therefore in a printed magazine demand focused attention. Flexibility in cost Magazines themselves are inexpensive with a subscription barely breaking the bank, making it easy for readers to get their hands on one. For advertisers, the cost of magazine ads varies depending on the size of the ad and the space you would like to fill. The bigger the page space, the more it would cost. Luckily, publications sometimes offer discounts when submissions are done at an ahead of deadlines. Trust When a reader makes the decision to buy a magazine, they tend by default to trust the advertisements because they appear to be more credible. In a survey conducted by Marketing Sherpa (source https://contently.com/2017/01/09/print-ad-trust/), it was revealed that 82% of readers, trusted print ads, be it from newspaper or magazines the most when they are just about to make the decision to purchase.Therefore, there is great chance to increase sales through magazine. Magazines, in a nutshell, have successfully been in circulation for years and so it would only make sense for advertising agencies to jump onto the gravy train so to speak that advertising in them provides. Even with the digital magazine, print magazines are proven to be highly effective mediums to advertise in. Author Bio: Founded in 2005, Audience Innovation serves high-value marketing objectives to drive reliable sales ROI. Our innovative targeting platforms span proven results across most all B2B & B2C categories, for which we’ve developed a premier reputation for precision delivery and sales CTA, KBI and ROI performance. Clients choose Audience Innovation, stay with Audience Innovation. Featured Image